Blog7:Issue mapping

During week 4,we got big group exercises to explore the power of words. To be honest, this is my feeble part.  As an foreigner, I only get limit words to research. The exercise truly not only help me know lots of words of data, but also get some new viewpoint to research from each group member’s opinion.

We got 6 group member. First task is brainstorming 100 key words (task 1) relate data privacy in a short time. We wrote words one by one. One member wrote what he know firstly, then other member replenish some key words,which first people haven’t thought and repeat same doing.And then, we wrote their antonyms in red pen.  (task2) It also is a great way to research project by two different side.

task 1: 100 keywords + task2:antonyms

We classified these 100 word by divisive, emotive, descriptive, factual and antagonistic, in order to analyzation.(task 3)  This task assisted me to analyze online privacy issue with different perspectives. In addition, we tried to from negative and positive area to discover the our issue.(task 4). In the past, we focused on the negative area. This process points out there are still have some obscure area in online privacy issue. Therefore, we did a stakeholder mapping to reflection this parts.(task5) Finally, we put the 100 words on the floor, let other classmates to point out, which word they interested.(task 6), then we pick up top 10 the most attractive words.img_4629img_4630task3:classify

img_4631task4: positive and negative map

task 5: stakeholder map




task 6: pick up 10 key words

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