Blog 7. Collaboration mapping process and reflection.

By Ji Young Bang.

In week 5, class mate Duo and I did the collation mapping exercise of climate change. I have made two maps this week on the underlying tone of all the other research materials. The aim to make the map is to adjust our focus to related problems in more detail in narrower stakeholders, to research and put in order.


‘Human and non-human’ map is created through combining stakeholders components and the past week 2 and week4 mapping in more detailed designing. The first map has come up with the focus of global warming and climate change. That is the class to find out who is the leading character in all our problems. We are much benefited by discussing and sharing the heart of the matter.


The second exercise is classified into ‘polemic and emotion’ to make a map on environmental pollution. And in the ‘polemic’ side, are included global warming and climate change, which represent economic and social issues. On the other side ‘economic’, turns up mapping related with human emotions. Among others, those on the side of emotions are made up of negative words accounting for grieves and frustrated feelings. This amounts to the same vein peculiar to the topic. Amid collaboration mapping exercise, I’ve learned environment pollution- related words are mixed up and they are all wrapped over. And all these problems are derived from capitalism; most of stakeholders are deeply linked to the government. Class exercise of collaboration mapping proves environment and air pollution problems must be led by the government. To promote a better understanding of their calls, I try on co-mapping on my own.


The above image of my own making is another mapping covering all assignments. The reason is stakeholder involving the former map can’t be separated from the government. Co-mapping brings home to me the government should be on the forefront to fight against pollution, for which cause the people pay carbon tax; to be concrete car oiling, pursing gas, car tax, electric light rates and gas price.

By various means, the people contribute to government funded clean environment movement. It’s a good experience that I get close to the understanding of environment matters. What goes round comes round. First we must extend a hand to our surrounding to stop destruction of the environment becoming more and more serious.



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