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Working with partner, I found the mapping exercise to be very useful and informative. I found that although my partner and I did not agree on everything, there were some points and views that we shared in common. In comparison to the original stakeholders map that was done week prior, I found that this map was a lot more thorough and specific. This was due mostly knowing more information on the topic from the weeks of researching and reading. This map was much more easier to expand on and helped identify specific organisations and individuals.

Early stage of development and mapping the stakeholders in Gender Equality. 

With the polemics, I found this to be the most interesting and useful mapping exercise so far. In terms of gender equality, there is a massive range of issues and topics covering different perspectives, ideals and actions. This combined with the fact that many of these issues have emotional bias or attachments made it very insightful exercise. Looking into contrasting topics like ‘Religion’ and ‘Body Image’ helped in identifying key terms and motivations behind them. We found that with gender equality, it was interesting to see that many organisations or demographics were connected to hostility, fear and confusion. It shows that a lot of is based on ignorance and in order for change, this needs to be overcome.

It was also interesting to see what other groups had come up with. With gender equality being such a broad subject, there were points that were raised the other group on our table that we had not raised or completely forgot about. I found that we took a more emotive and subjective approach to the mapping where as the other group took an objective stance.

I then looked into the role of media with particular emphasis on film in the polemic. In terms of film, it is presented as a visual platform that projects stereotypes into modern society. This allows things like gender roles to be embed into everyday life resulting in directly painting an image for what is normal and what is not.



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