Blog 6. Twitter scraping the web for data of Australia claimant change in 2016.

By Ji Young Bang.

We may say social media is a space for moderns’ mutual exchange of opinions. Its strength is to share popular information and ideas; its weakness is to convey individual ideas unfamiliar to others. Taking advantage of this chance, I will join Twitter by way of peeping into another world. Twitter is a one of the biggest social media network resources, enabling people to intellectualise and lead social life. This workshop will focus on Australia climate change in 2016.

p1.png Twitter scraping used #australiaclimatechange and #2016 (2016)

I began data scraping with hashtag of #australiaclimatechange and #2016 as a key world, it’s result was huge formats like more than 1,700 tweets coming along from 9, May to 20, August. From among these data comes a repeated data such as re-tweet comments. I will inquire into ‘Raw data’ of Web scarping employing Excel program format.



All set in order, I have found from the above pictures 158 words are recorded in Twitter. Among them I have selected five features fitting in with my interests and I intend to continue my study.


Well, it can’t be helped that Australians are troubled about the coral reefs and sea temperatures. They clearly express themselves showing off photos, reports and articles. The above pictures are a cause of worry on the part of social media ABC or the parties concerned only, but not on the part of laymen. I would like to get overall statistics to find a clue to in which part of Australia climate change is updated.

The top image shows some information as to where it is placed. I will make statistics chart on the basis of Twitter.


2015 Australian demographic statistics resource from government


Investigation of population, tweets and Australia State

To begin with, I refer to Australian population statistics in 2015 to get precise results. I’ve made graphs arranged by state classification. A hard problem is, they are giving their own different marks of areas and you must combine review processes. In order for people to obtain deeper information consistent marking of districts is required.


Total percentage of ‘state population and climate change tweets’

These in New South Wales update more, pointing out global warming than the other states, for its population.

  1. These in New South Wales update more, pointing out global warming than the other states, for its population.
  2. Those in Queensland, close to Great Barrie Reef, are rather uninterested in the disappearance of Great Barrie Reef and global warming.
  3. Among the six states in Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory, only three states are worried about global warming and the other for keep silent.
  4. Twitter says global warming begets lots of political issues combined with economic ones.
  5. Twitter is a social culture making way for popular ideas but its reliability is yet to be known.



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