Post 7: Issue mapping & word association – Refugees & asylum seekers

Word Association exercise (week 4)

Words that we associate with the asylum seeker and refugee issue
Words that we associate with the asylum seeker and refugee issue cont. (and my shoes)
Words that we feel were the most significant/had the most emotional impact in the issue

Reflection of exercise

I think a lot of the words that we picked as most important had a lot of connection to emotions. A lot of them are also words that one would not immediately associate with the issue.

For example, the word desensitise does not have a direct link to asylum seekers and refugees, however it describes an increasingly strong part of people’s emotional reaction towards the issue.

The word privilege is also rarely mentioned in respect to asylum seekers and refugees (in both media and everyday discussion). However it is an element found in many facets of the the issue, i.e. the lack of privilege refugees have after being settled in Australia, the privilege of those making our immigration policies etc.


Mindmapping round 2 (week 5)


Mapping all the actors/stakeholders in the refugee crisis – by Ting & Rose


Mapping all the actors/stakeholders in the refugee crisis – by Liz and Cassie

I think for the most part, this first map is quite similar to the map we had previously done. We have a lot more knowledge on the names of corporations/figures in our issue so it was good to ‘drill down’ on this aspect of our map.

What really stood out to me in the map Rose and I did was that we started mapping objects as actors. I understand that this is an element unique to Latour’s actor network theory. The agency of objects in the asylum seeker and refugees issue can be seen with things like passports, boats, shoes, mobile phones, food, sanitary products etc.

Polemics and emotions – by Liz, Cassie, Ting & Rose


Links between stakeholders in polemics – By Cassie, Liz, Ting & Rose

We found that listing emotions and creating links became increasingly difficult because so many things linked to each other. It became to vey difficult to separate words because so often we felt the need to link them to three other words.

I think this is especially common within our topic because it is an issue that operates very much as a whole. There are many aspects to it, but the really do all link together very strongly. Whereas, I have heard from my peers doing issues like online security, there are so many different streams to the issue that sit comfortably on their own (but I wouldn’t really know because that isn’t my issue, perhaps I’m just making quick judgements…).