Blog Post 4: The Others (2011) – Eva and Franco Mattes aka

Video, 137 min, dimension variable.

Italian duo Eva and Franco Mattes are artists based in New York who work primarily with virtual worlds and cyber communities. The couple create works that observes how people interact online. The duo regularly explores themes such as anonymity, authorship and public vs private.

theothers exhib house

The Others (2011), an installation created by the duo explores the public vs private theme underlying the cyber world. The installation consisted of a projected screen with sound where all of the content was sourced through vulnerable private computers. The end result was a slideshow of 10,000 private images along with the background music also being sourced from the same machines.

As said in the artist statement “The project intentionally ventures into legal and ethical grey zones and tests boundaries of the public and private, as well as the distribution and perception of personal images.”

the others exhib abrons 2

With the victims of the hack unaware of their photos being displayed it feels almost inconsequential, the installation creates a blurred line between public and private data in the cyber world. The biggest reason why people hack is for information or money. A supposed viewer of the installation claimed that one of the photographs was portrayed of him but instead of being concerned for his privacy he brought and showed his family the exhibition.

Online privacy is not a major concern to most people unless there is something of great value at stake with those values being money or incriminating data.

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