Post6: Scraping the web for data


Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing app, it is a networking platform, just like facebook, twitter, but this is a new app, it was launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app. Instagram can add borders to the picture and there are multiple filters can be chosen, you can share to multiple social networking sites at the same time, you can also interact with each others, friends can comment and thumbs up for pictures. Compared with other social softwares, this software has more young users, and I also want to research the mental health of teenagers, I think it would be a good software to research, I can get more ideas. In fact, when people released pictures here, they can use different filters, their choice of filters for each pictures also can present their mental activities. For me, the text or filter of each image both are elements those can be observed.


a flow chart graphic

Open the Instagram, we will find a search function, here, I can search some words those can be closely related to teenagers’ mental health, they can be some feelings or some reasons of teenagers’ mental illness, after searching, it would present lots of images those are tagged with the word that I searched, I can observe and research the filter or text with each image and developed it to contact with my issues. 




When I searched the word ‘depression’, there is a B&W image, there isa few words and it told us the poster want somebody to come back, but this person would never come back. Through reading the text, we can know it clearly, there are many words be tagged below the texts, I think these words can represent the poster’s mood at that moment, most of words are negative. Lovelorn is a common problem for teenagers, they are young and they are always be hopeful with love, some disappointed results always blow to them, in the schools, the emotional problem is one of the reasons that would impact on teenagers’ mental health, but their parents always can’t find the problem in this aspect. 



parents divorce


Through my previous research, I know the relationships between parents have a great impact on teenagers. In these two images, both of them are tagged ‘parents divorce’, they show us a negative feeling. In the first one, the person drunk a lot and the second one show is a messy bedroom, both of them are awful situations, parents divorce must affect on children, they don’t have time or energy to take care their children, at that time, these teenagers are always influenced by other and get mental illness finally. 



study pressure




mental activity


As same as before, from these examples, we can the positive and negative sides of these posters’ mental, different people would have a different thought about a same thing, this is the complexity of mental health problem, this is an issue that need me to do more research.


The different mental activities would be shown as a different filter on their image.

Through my observation on Instagram, I found a lot of people like to show their inner thoughts and mental activities on social software. When I searched, the posts about mental health is thousands upon thousands, from this, we can see a lot of young person feel confused with their mental, they don’t want to talk with surrounding people, they prefer to present their feelings online, maybe for teenagers, online system would be a better platform to record or present their mental activities.