Post3: Mapping the participants (human and non-human) and constructing an image archive

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groupwork map in class
refined map

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adolescence map

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In the class, our group do an analysis about mental health from 6 aspects, the map listed all words those can be related with mental health, any organizations, person or feelings. After that, we choose adolescence as a topic to do more analysis, we listed some reasons those would influence teenagers’ mental health, we can see the teenagers are still in development of physiological and psychological, their ability of cognitive and self-control are not strong enough, they were influenced by exterior environments particularly. About how to solve the problems of adolescent mental health, it needs more helps from parents, schools(teachers) and community. And then, we listed all stakeholders on sticky note those are associated with mental health and analyze them. From little influence to heavy influence, little knowledge to heavy knowledge, little engagement to heavy engagement, we did three maps to arrange stakeholders from left to right, these can help us to understand which parts should we focused on researching in this topic.


resaon: violence

This image presents a scene of violence, perpetrator has a belt in the hand and a child is abused, he curls herself into a ball in the corner, you can see his fear, helplessness, hopelessness and other negative feelings. Teenagers’ mental health problem can be caused by different factors, the behaviors of this abused child in this image can tell us a fact directly, they are not only get hurt on their body, but it also is difficult to repair the trauma for them. The abused children are always be of weak character and more sensitive, they would be easier to get a mental health problem.


reason: family relationship

In the second image, we will see a helpless child in the first sight, and there are two person was quarreling on his back, in my opinion, they should be this child’s parents, on my previous research, there are many resources mentioned that parents would be an important role in the process of psychotherapy for adolescents. We can see the relationship between parents or a family environment would have a certain impact on kids’ mental, it might become a more serious mental illness in their teenage years.


reason: study pressure

The previous pictures demonstrate the causes of adolescent mental illness, both of them are mainly from the family, for teenagers, school is another main living environment, if the school doesn’t create a good psychological environment and atmosphere, the pressure of study would be another factor of mental illness. In these images, they didn’t show us the direct connections between these situations and adolescent mental illness, but from each one’s expressions or body movements in these images, we can see the negative influence in their mental. In this image, we can see many books around him and his body language shows us changes in his mind and he fell hopelessness and depressed with his studies and future. 


main feelings&expressions

This drawing shows us feelings of patients with mental illness and their views about the surrounding people and environment directly, there are all negative feelings in their mind, they would feel unloved, frustrated, issues, nervous, shame, stress, depression, fear, grief, worthless, mad, sad, loneliness, anxiety and etc. On my previous research, a lot of news or articles talk about how to help young people avoid mental health problem, but before helping them, we should know more inner feelings of mental illness person, just like the project workings that I researched in last week, one of projects helps people to know more about mental patients, and understand their feelings.


a poster about mental health

This is a poster about mental health, it tells us some common situations about mental illness patients, they never know they are suffering from mental illness or they never admit they are suffering from mental illness, they always say: ‘I am fine, I am okay, do not worry about me, nothing wrong with me,’ at this time, the surrounding environment need to care and understand them, such as parents, school or community, do more communications with them and find this problem as soon as possible, just like the position in my first post, to help young people get a better way to prevent and solve mental health problems need helps from their family, school and community.


a data

This image shows us a data that twenty percent of teenagers seriously consider suicide and one in twelve each year attempt suicide, this fact tells us the importance of paying attentions on mental health issues and its risks and effects on adolescent development. If we don’t solve mental illness problem timely in adolescents, it would lead them to crime, even suicide, so we have to strengthen the mental health education for teenagers, it is necessary for their physical and mental health development, it also ensure teenagers can study and make friends well and this is also necessary for development of this community.


bad mental health

About bad mental health, this image tells us one fact that many people will be excluded themselves from this society if they don’t have a good mental health, they would refuse to communicate with others or integrate into society, they never join any social activities and they are not good at making friends, they are isolated and depression, even they would have antisocial behaviors and cause problems to community. Before, we discussed in class, when we think about the discrimination of mental health problem, we found that many people discriminate against mental illness person because they think mental illness is equivalent to crazy, they would cause serious harms to community by madness, at that time, we are opposed to this view, of course, the discrimination is wrong, mental illness is equivalent to crazy is wrong, but serious mental illness can cause people to do some extreme behaviors to this society is possible, so it is really essential to do a prevention and treatment of mental illness.


a mental health quote

In this image, there is a quote about mental health: “ sometimes mental health feels like an insurmountable object … but it get better with time.” In fact, this is an encouragement for people to have a right and positive attitude about mental illness, mental illness is not a problem that can be solved in a quick and easy way, it would take much time. As my previous research, teenagers are still developing their physiological and psychological, the ability of cognitive is not strong enough, they have a poor self-control, so parents should give them an unconditional love, enough patience and plenty of time to accompany them, the school should keep communication and contact with parents all the time and the community need to promote a positive attitude about mental illness in the public. All sides should take more time to improve this problem in  a better way.


a mental health quote

On the board in this image, there is a quote “stand up to stigma, let’s talk about mental health.” In my previous researches, there are a lot of information against about mental illness discriminations, and it also said that a lot of people still have a discrimination about mental illness now, this image is aim to encourage people to have a positive attitude about mental illness, it also encourage mental illness patients can admit it in a more generous way, people can talk about this issue anytime or anywhere. That’s why I think the community needs to do more publicity about mental health and popularize the mental health issue.


good mental heal

The last image tells us the benefits of a good mental health, the entire image give us a positive feeling, all person in this image are positive, people will become happier and be willing to make friends with a good mental health, the situation would be exactly opposite with image 7, people can integrate into community and get along with others in a better way. Everyone has a good mental health environment is also helpful for the development of the whole community.


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