POST 5: Approaches to design for change, design-led ethnography

My goal of setting this interview up is to learn how other people thinks of refugees in their perspective. I interviewed one of friend who is very interested in this topic.


  1. What do you know about asylum seekers and refugees in Australia?

Australian politicians claim that our country is generous to refugees and asylum seekers, but looking at statistics and inside stories featured on the media, I believe this to be a falsehood. Refugees and such are sent to detention centres offshore on Nauru and Manus Island; they supposedly live in horribly decrepit conditions for an indefinite period of time all due to Australia’s controversial policies surrounding this matter.

  1. Did you notice any difference of the treatments on refugees and asylum seekers between Australia and Europe?

Europe appears to be much less tough on policies regarding refugees and asylum seekers compared to Australia. Processing and moving around refugees into the various countries in Europe sees to a lot more progress in the eyes of many.

  1. Have you heard of any reports about how refugees and asylum seekers were treated in detention centres?

Media outlets and organisations such as amnesty have reported on the deplorable conditions of these detention centres (particularly Nauru) where standard human rights have been completely sidelined. Reportedly, the condition of Nauru is repressive, inhumane, cruel and inappropriate – refugees and asylum seekers live in conditions that are not suitable even for cattle.

  1. Do  you think it’s a good idea that Australia is accepting more refugees and asylum seekers? If not, why?

It is definitely not a good idea for Australia to accept more refugees and asylum seekers while these current policies are still in place. Bringing in more people will only overpopulate the already overpopulated capacity of these facilities and detention centres. The sore lack of progress on refugee processing, undermined health treatment and lack of legal services and basic human rights will only worsen the refugee situation in Australia.

  1. What do you think the government should act when facing asylum seekers crisis in Australia?

Do not send any more refugees into the Nauru detention centre – it holds no purpose. Process the refugees and asylum seekers who have been waiting; bring them into Australia. Take example of other countries whom have been more successful in controlling the refugee situation.

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