Post 5: Approaches to design for change, design-led ethnography

written by Song-Yi



Through the scholarly research (post 3), I’ve been drawn into association between maternal responsibility and pediatric obesity extending idea further to how parent shape and influence on children’s dietary and physical activities, and what perception people have on female role contributing to family. The chosen interviewee is a classmate, who a healthy male in his twenties has normal weight figure. The interview performed to achieve one’s diet data from childhood to adulthood and analyse what is the most influential determinant to shape current eating habit. It started from questioning his diet habit and food preference, general domestic environment and parenting style in his childhood, his perception on ‘eating’ in life as it is.

 Childhood Background / Domestic education

Residential environment of interviewee at his childhood was located the side of urban where is advantageous in nature experience but has quite distance from convenient areas. He remembers himself as submissive kid, who well-followed his parent, and described their parenting style was permissive and supportive for him. As a answer of the question how interviewee’s parents contributed for his body management, he notes that his mother tended to control most of food intakes and nutrition and father involved in physical activities to support and encourage him to play out. Maternal education strategy in dietary he has been recieved adhered to feed organic food and encouraged to not to eat unhealthy food such as lollies, soft drinks, and fast-food.

 Current Eating routine / Environment

-Interviewee is vegetarian, who cares about nutrition intakes and prefer healthier food.

-Eating fast food and sweeten are rare choice of his daily options.

-Dines out 2 or 3 times per week and cooks meals for the rest of times.

-The restaurant choice is vegan restaurant or others serving organic menu.

-More than half of frequency of cooking is charged by his partner.

-Partner’s cooking and diet follows healthy and organic style.

 Participation’s view on own diet

The interested thing in his quotation is that he thinks his girlfriend influenced his present eating habit. He believes that his mother initially flamed his dietary to have proper meal and avoid junk food, then his partner interfered him to take more healthier food as she is. His healthy food choice seems come out his human relationship surround him and his own philosophy. That is what you eat identifies yourself and it divides tribal and social group they hanging out.



Probe Task – Food dairy

Food dairy by the Interviewee

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