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 Blog Post 5

Ngoc Tram Nguyen


  1. Do you think Mental Health issue is one of the big concerns for people at our age?
    I don’t think it has been given enough credit. Yes, people do hear about mental health but still, they don’t think that’s a big problem or there’s anything wrong with them and people around them.
  2. Why suicide rate’s higher among the younger age?
    Older age tends to deal with problems better
  3.  What do you think are the main factors to this?
    The overwhelming expectation from parents expectations from themselves. Comparing themselves to others. Social media filled people the mind with negative news and fantasy public figures, which make them think that they’ll never be good enough.
  4.  What’s your thought on Mental health at work?
    Mental health at work is probably not very popular. Again we need more acknowledgment over the problem and provide education to raise awareness.
  5. How do you think this was going to influence the performance of each and the society as a whole?
    The person herself will have to suffer from mental illness and productivity will go down in the long run.

Take home task for the interviewee:

Rate your level of happiness at work ( from 1 to 10) following the template below:

Before work:

After work:


After the interview and collecting the result of the take home task, I have gained more understanding of how mental health and mental illness feel like in daily life in general. As the interviewee said, it might not have been given enough credit. There should be raising awareness about, and this can be delivered by more education on the topic. Another thing I get out from the results of the task, which is mostly positive due to a positive atmosphere at work is interaction with other individuals effect a lot on one’s mentality and especially, in this case, co-worker and work related interactions.