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1. Smatphone

Angelos Tzortzinis/ Refugees check their mobile phones after getting out of an inflatable boat on a beach on the Greek island of Kos

This image represents false belief that refugees and asylum seekers are not seeking protection urgently as they are still able to carry possessions and some gadgets. Many refugees are spotted staring and playing with their phones, with some are even taking selfies. The fact is they need the technology to navigate their way in order to find the nearest camps, contact their families and locate themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Also, most of facilities and services available to refugees can only be accessed via online. However, people see this image with a negative tendency ‘they are all doing fine’ in mind. We claim to live in a modern society yet we still perceive technologies (smartphones) as something fancy.

2. Abuse

Matthew Abbott/ The assault of two refugees at the Manus Island Detention Centre

The bitter reality that Government has tried to hide from the public is now up in the screen. Living in a detention centre is not a hopeful journey for many refugees, with a numerous report of abuse and self harm among the detainees. The matter regarding many refugees that have spent years in camps also has been criticised by UN and humanitarian groups. The image should be a wake up calls for Australian Government to take this issue seriously as the money allocated to fund the refugees in camps cannot be said to be small. Australia Government should rethink their decision. Instead of wasting money to imprisoned refugees in Nauru Island, we should let asylum seekers inside Australia which is far cheaper.

3. Plastic Bag

Antonio Bronic / A refugee child sleeps in a rain cover at the border crossing with Slovenia.

Have you ever imagined putting a living creature inside a shopping bag? A baby sleeping covered in a plastic with small hole in it is a powerful message to the world that the refugees are in need of emergency support. Due to the massive wave of Syrian refugees and the poor system of its placement, many of them have to sleep in public places like train stations.

4. Silver Skin

Jean-pierre Amet/ A group of refugees protect themselves from the weather with emergency blankets as they huddle on the sea wall. 
When a refugee comes to a land from a boat, they are wet and disoriented and this emergency blanket are a real life saver. The photo emphasises that they come to a certain country not to seek prosperity, they seek safety with a hope to find a new home. The crisis of asylum seekers and refugees are said to be the worst since World War II and the number has hit the roof.

5. The Barbed Wire

Bernadett Szabo/  A family of refugees cross under a barb wire at the Hungarian border.
In one of the speeches, Donald Trump mention that refugees are just healthy men trying to invade the countries and open the door to terrorism. I guess this photo will prove him wrong. Most of the asylum seekers are family with babies and children.
“Why would an ISIS terrorist sit and wait to be a refugee for three years to get into the US, when they could get a radicalized European citizen and fly here on a visa waiver and then live here under the radar?”
 6. #BringThemHere
Aljazeera/  Protesters in Sydney holding a poster reading ‘Asylum Seeker is not a crime’.

This photo brings a new hope for asylum seekers waiting to be resettled in Australia. After some leaked photos and datas from detention centre, the awareness of displaced people has come to light. This opportunity is used by many activists and communities to voice their hope to house many asylum seekers that still remain in the camps. They use the term “prison” in Manus and Nauru Island which certainly has an unpleasant connotation. Asylum seekers are not criminals and shouldn’t be kept and treated badly.


7. Real Australian Say Welcome

Peter Dew/ Poster od Monga Khan as Australian Folk Hero

The poster is inspired by the National Anthem where there is a verse ‘courage to combine’. The artist, Peter Dew feels that Australia should be more open to asylum seekers. Many asylum seekers have spent years in detention centres without any certainty. The aim of the poster is to inspire people that Australia is a multicultural country and we have a place for asylum seekers. The poster is very simple yet powerful enough to break the idea of ‘invasion of refugees’. The refugees that can assimilate and contribute to society are likely to be given a warm welcome first by Australian.

8. #BringThemHere  Part 2

Flipboard/ Public support for offshore detention centre.
The strong reaction of public in the wake of Nauru files published by Guardian Australia keeps coming from many places. The protest is not only addressed for Australia, but many countries trying to stop the boat from entering their border. They claimed their action to be an act to make the journey less dangerous, while in fact they contribute to the danger. The influx of refugees is not something that a country should deal alone. Instead this is an international crisis that has to be solved together. Turning away refugees will not solve the issue, only make it worse.

9. Friendly Stranger

Scanpix Denmark/  The image of a girl playing cheerfully with Danish policeman.
The photograph somehow gives us a little hope in this unpleasant journey. I hope this photo ignite a compassionate heart for refugees and asylum seekers. If we happen to find one in our community, we should share the spirit of a child in this photo. They don’t need our pity, they hope for our support and openness. No prejudice. Just a kind heart.
“Someone strong and smiling in the same tragic situation is a thousand times more powerful and touching.”
 10. We are desperate
Cathy Wilcox/  “We are more desperate.”
Asylum seeker issue sure is not a laughing stock but this illustration successfully makes a smile in many faces. Wilcox reveals the reality of Australia’s effort to deter asylum seekers into a satire. A journey to find a safe place is not an enjoyable one and they have to pay lots of thing to get the documents and enter the border. After all the efforts, what Australia can offer is a route to resettle in developing country such as Indonesia and Cambodia. The absent of Australia participation helping asylum seekers is something the Government should reflect upon.