Blog5: Interview & Approaches to design for change, design-led ethnography

Question 1: how do you feel about online privacy?

Answer: She feel bad of online,particularly Facebook and other social media. However, it is become better than better.

Question 2:If using free-wifi, your e-maill account will be shared ( or send ad information to you. Would you still use that?

Answer: Of course not. She only connect wifi of big company, such as Commanbank. In her opinion, those big company could be safekeeping customers’ information. By the way, she feel shock, when I told her the company would be get users’ email address, if you use their net. As I did research before,there is a kind of  lots of fatal factor in data privacy is user’s information would be shared in they do not know the situation.

Question 3:Would you feel scare or happy to someone will get personal information, like birth day, phone number? WHY

Answer: scare.

After her answer, I was talking about how she feels about net friends. She said she hardly to believe net friends. She nearly has no net friends. She usually charts real friends in social media. This points led me a little bite surprised. Besides, she also told me she select all of personal information only shows to herself .However, she will delete these data information, after I share, what I research, these social media company could be keep/ share .

Question 4: What do you think what is the big issue of negative effect in online privacy?

Answer:She does not really like other people will know her personal information. Even I ask she it is a great way to make a new friends, she still refuse this kind of behavior. She said there are huge unsure factor in net. She still prefer make new friends in real life.