Blog3: Mapping the participants (human and non-human) and constructing an image archive

PART ONE: Mind Map



Firstly, our group made a list of everything , which could be link to data privacy in the mapping exercise..Then, classify them by number. 1 is advantage , 2 is disadvantage. It is easy to found there are lots of object has both advantage and disadvantage side by this list.In addition, most of positions are disadvantage.IMG_48979

In the second mapping focus on the relation with different group. We high light five big group about data privacy, which are government, population, tech compromise, data seekers and terrorists. Basically, lots of group could be getting effect with each other.


I done this mind map after class. The biggest government circle area cover all of other, in oder to show the main element of data privacy. Government need their people’s data to save them, or control them?. They wanna clearly know about their citizens action. Therefore, terrorists also wants getting more information for their ambition. However,  proactive or  negative  of data privacy all depending how to use them. As you can see, the other color area basically relate and balance each other.



PART TWO: Image Archive



I found this image from an article of researching. This image shows a men is taking something from social media and the text shows there are still huge of people have no idea  of their online date was not safe. Again, steal or overshare privacy without owner agreement become one obvious problem. Nowadays, people usually share phone on social media, but they do not know it is a easy and dangerous to their privacy.

Laura Cattaneo,2012,Your secrets aren’t safe Data; thieves are after your most private info—when you use Wi-Fi and shop online, and even when you store files in the cloud, viewed 21 August 2016,<;




There are 3 main elements in this image: phone, lockers, money. Phone means or saves our privacy information, like location, bank cards number, photo, income and so on.  The locker on phone shows people think they are able to save them. However, the fact is not. The money will be lost, if these information steal.

Affle AppStudioz,2016,What Your Potential Users Think About Mobile App Security and Data Privacy, app studio, viewed 21 August 2o16, <;



There are lots of 1 and 0 number cover the whole image. I am not sure does this number is 110, which is police phone number. or just some number element.  In the middle of double 0 fill in white color. They shows like telescope. At the same time, someone was use it, like to steal or view these data. As a reader, we are not share who is he, badmen or goodmen. Therefore, there are two kinds of analyze, like a mind map, which i done before. Maybe this guy is policeman,maybe is a hacker, but they both have same point: they all can get our information. I think this is why the background color is red, because this drawer want to warming.

view 22 August 2016,<https://s-media-cache>


This image clearly show the relationship of government and terrorists. Basically, it is a circulate relationship.  As you can see, the police hate icon, eye icon and locker show the government is able be check online privacy information. Customer use the key and network to safe  and surf their information. Hacker steal data. Police prevent this issue.



The  reason of I pick up this image is I did one research in blog2. Nowadays, iCloud become a new tool of storage data.  As this image clearly shows people like save their travel plan, password, idea, favorite thing in it etc,  because it is faster and convenient. In the other side, there some lines like rain, which are under the cloud, link the earth.  It shows they can transmit data in everywhere, but at the same time they could be overshare.

TechCrunch,2016,Rethinking security for the Internet of Things, viewed 22, August,2016,<;


屏幕快照 2016-08-30 上午5.14.00.png

I am interested of different attitude depending with different view our online data. There are 3 characters in this image: government, hacker and normal people. This image clearly points out each character how to get people’s data. However, I still don’t understand why the government is ok take people’s information? In my opinion, personal information belong themselves, not government. Why the internet info could be handed over to the government is logic?

MakeUseOf,2013,Who’s Spying On You? And How To Stop Them?, viewed 21 August 2013,<Who’s Spying On You? And How To Stop Them?>


屏幕快照 2016-08-30 上午5.15.49.png

After I ask myself this question in image6, I research this image. The green color shows free of net, yellow color shows partly free, red color shows not free of net and the black one show no data area. OMG, waiting… There are still have some space is not able to use network? I can not magic. I am still keep interest the online free topic.  In my opinion,which degree of online privacy depending of how much free in net.

whoishostthis,2016,Can Technology Outsmart Internet Censorship? #infographic,visualistan, viewed 21,August,2016<;



Keeping the  last image’s opinion, so this image catch my eye. The big black top people’s face means government. He always watching people’s doing.  I don’t know why using green in background. Maybe shows positive feeling? I am not sure. Personal, I feel strange and unwell. However, nearly most of people choose default this issue. Maybe this image is metaphor or sarcasm this condition.

PCMag,2016,  House Passes Bill Requiring Warrants for Email Searches,viewed 21/8/2016,<;



This image shows sharing data  with different computers and phones by net. These icons in image shows what the data information is. Besides, there are still have some eye icons in them, to show monitoring。

Cienpies Design&Communication,2016,Will people learn to trust the Internet of Things?,viewed 22August 2016,<;




This image is quite interesting and little bite abstract. There is a big eye on computer. You can understand it shows people through computer to view the world. Or someone monitor you by computer. I will only have first opinion, until I start to research online privacy. The subject changes my mind, led me attach important to online privacy. Follow by these data could be nearly shows everything of you.

Zoo/Corbis,2016,It’s Data Privacy Day. Do you know where your data is?,CNET,viewed 21 August 2016, <;