Blog Post 5: Approaches to design for change, design-led ethnography

Obesity & Healthy living

  1. What steps do you think people need to take to help them as well as prevent obesity?


I think in infancy, mother needs to have reasonable for their daily meal because all the things that she eats can be transferred to their children through breast milk, so parents should prepare good breastfeeding. Secondly, Preventing Obesity from Children to Adolescents, there are two sides, on the one hand, some of young people become obese because they do not do enough physical activity and they always with poor eating habit, on the other hand, some of them because of genetics or mental issues. People who get obesity, they need to work to change their family eating habits and activity rather than focusing on weight. Parents also need to encourage their children to drink water, in daily meals eat fruits and vegetables and Encourage physical activity. For adults, they need to improve their own eating habits and increasing physical activity everyday.


  1. What do you think is the leading cause of obesity today?


  1. The genes they inherit from their parents
  2. How well can people’ body turns food into their energy
  3. People’ eating and exercising habits
  4. People’ surroundings
  5. People’ Psychological factors


  1. What Are the Health Risks of Overweight and Obesity?


I think We can start from different aspects, firstly, from major health risks, people who get overweight, most of them may have shorter life expectancy, because I have seen some articles about obesity, they compare with people who have normal weight, they have more than 50% risk of dying prematurely. They can get disease easier, such as Diabetes, arthritis, High blood pressure ect. Secondly, they also have Risks to psychological and social well being, when people have overweight, they also easy get Negative self-image. From their daily life, they may find their life will be Difficulties with day-to-day, for example, when they just want to go out, they may find walk for them become very difficult.


  1. What Role Should Government Play in Combatting Obesity?


I think Government can encourage schools offer health literacy meals during their meals time. And also require institution and restaurant to list all the food’ Nutritional Information, such as calories, sugar, protein and fiber. Also encourage educational institutions to provide the free exercise rooms at their empty places.



  1. Do you believe fast food restaurants should be held legally responsible for the obesity?


I think we need to see different sides, both of them have responsible. From the fast food restaurants, yes, they do use saturated fatty acid to cook food, because they serve extremely unhealthy food, like McDonald’s for instance. They put a special chemical in their fries to make it look fresh. If they use unsaturated fatty acid, it will cost catering industry much money. Because they are afraid to lose money, moreover, they’re being seduced by the cheap prices and “tasty &juicy” burgers on the commercials. If they use unsaturated fatty acid, it will cost catering industry much money. Because they are afraid to lose money, sure we all have choices but not everything we want is cheap. If society could afford to eat healthier, I am sure that many would choose to eat that way.



  1. How does our nation’s obesity problem impact the economy? 


I think obesity issue can cost a lot of money, from direct costs, which means the health service delivery to treat obesity-related health problems, such as the cost of hospitalization. Also the obesity also has indirect costs, for example, when people have obesity, they may have temporarily or permanently leave work for health reasons.



  1. Is there a connection between obesity and depression, or other psychological problems?


From my opinion, the relationship between obesity and common mental health disorders is complex. Obesity may have a direct impact on psychological well-being, and maybe lead to depression, eating disorders, distorted body image and low self-esteem.


People when they have obesity problem, people they may have Discrimination against them, and they may have poor mental health and this also lead to they with worst unhealthy lifestyle choices and it will increase their appetite. Because when people have negative thoughts, they want to reduce the social support, they may self-abandoned.



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