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Scholarly Article 01.

Putting Technology Into Youth Mental Health Practice: Young People’s Perspectives

Alice Montague is currently a research assistant at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. Her research interests include the role of technology in clinical practice, engaging consumers in their own care, and mapping and translating research. develop more effective methods to promote ongoing treatment engagement and thus foster positive outcomes for this group.

Montauge article draws a parallel between technology and the age bracket 16 – 25, deemed the most susceptible to mental illness. Montauge draws this conclusion as the demographic is less inclined to seek mental health treatment from community, or specialized care settings than any other age group. Their is currently a rapid rate of dropouts with this age bracket so tapping into technology for screen-based treatment interventions may  opportunity to enhance face-to-face treatment benefits to keep those engaged in treatment.

My initial understanding was that technology was fostering mental health in the youth. This age bracket is particularly susceptible to the the bombardment of information, social media, and cyber bullying. Which all too often damages the psyche and promotes anti social behaviour. I hadn’t thought that flipping the technology on it’s head and using it to foster positive treatment. I believe it’s a great catalyst to promote but nothing will replace the face to face interaction of traditional treatment.

Outcome, the blog post should provide your peers with an overview of what you have found in the literature. How does it expand your initial understanding of the issue?

Alice E. Montague1,2,3, Kandice J. Varcin1,2, Magenta B. Simmons1,2,3, and Alexandra G. Parker1,2,3


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