Blog 6: Scraping the web for data

By Yuchun Yu

I choose Twitter as the social media platform, now they has millions of users.  Twitter already has a disproportionate influence on the world. Therefore, it attracts a significant number of politicians, journalists, and celebrities. The world is changed by this little blue bird.

What’s more, Twitter is an excellent media platform to  explore people’s  thought, mood, emotion and feeling. Compare to other media platforms , such as magazine, Tv, newspaper and radio, twitter is more easy to communicate people’s ideas and opinions as a social media. Social media led to a new trend to make people have connection around the world wide, which is more interactive.



I used two search tools, one is from Google, another is from datapipeline, then I searched some keywords about mental health, which is “suicide” and “mental illness”. Mostly, the result is  about people how to deal with their thought of suicide, also some opinions and how to prevent this issue keep happening, including positive and negative thoughts.

The possible visual design of this result, it could be a data visualization,  these are two examples that I found in the book that our tutor provided to us in the tutorial, which are very useful, my visual style could be a bit different from those samples, like the graphic mind map with data base, with illustration to create the best outcome.



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