Do you think housing affordability affects you?




I have conducted a short interview, to gain more insights on housing affordability. I have asked my interviewee about his knowledge on housing situation in Australia, since he was an international student, it was interesting to collect data from those who weren’t locals. He believes housing affordability is a crisis in Australia, as he compared it back to his home country (Vietnam) with the of cost and land. He has said that houses in Australia is “overpriced”, in comparison to Vietnam, as you can get a decent house for $50,000AUD.

My interviewee rents a house in Lakemba, with a few other friends for about $400 a week, with 3 bedrooms. I found his perspective for his future plan with housing very different to many other people and myself. His future plan was to have a family, wife and two kids and rent his whole life until he retires. He believes after that he retires he would be able to buy a house for him and his wife, as his children would’ve moved out out of home. He believes that being able to rent, is more flexible when it comes down to location and living standards. Although he does wants to buy and own a house, he said it is unrealistic considering the cost of living, standard of living and cost of housing in Sydney was too high.

I also asked him about the solutions that can be made to help with housing affordability, at first he didn’t really have a clue about the solutions, but he thinks that by lower interest rates would get more people to buy and own homes, “many people are afraid of the interest rates, so it stops people from buying houses”.


After the interview, I have asked my interviewee to do a visual research based his income and expenses throughout the week, and and image archive of the houses he think he can afford in the near future. I also got him to find a house he would dream to own in the future as well.



  1. There is a common understanding in housing affordability in Australia with the cost of living and the pricing of the housing is unbelievable.
  2. Living standard is high, living cost is high, shown through the probe as most money is spent on food and rent.
  3. Interviewee has the intentions of owning a house in the future, but not actively thinking about the buying a home due to the income.
  4. Different people have different future plans in terms of owning a home, but at the end of the day they still want to have a home for themselves.
  5. Generation Y is struggling to afford a home, they are being pushed out of the housing market.
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