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When I attempted to start this post I was really confused as to what I was looking for and what avenues I would have to take to find an outcome that suited the criteria. Still I’m slightly unsure if I have come to the correct conclusion. Through my research I have become very interested into the correlation between man aggression / behaviour and the link to mental health and mens prevalence to ignore it.

I have found a mental health campaign targeted at men which in my opinion, redesign the approach to mental health and men. They have designed an online campaign called ‘Man Therapy’. In my opinion it is a service design. Studies showed how men are more reluctant to take action on mental health problems, let alone acknowledge they exist. Therefore the concept of them going to talk to someone seems relatively slim. Man Therapy is a new design for Beyond Blue which retargets mental health at men.

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”Blokes. They’re happy to get all touchy feely on the sporting field but when it comes to getting in touch with their feelings on the not-sporting field, sometimes known as life, they tend to drop the ball,” Dr Ironwood says in one of the ads

Essentially Man Therapy is page set up as a series of videos which take a humorous approach of targeting men. The videos are set in different settings which are considered masculine: an office with brown leather chairs and rich mahogany, a games room etc. and they are spoken by a man you would imagine on a posh hunting trip in London. He speaks with a deep voice, like you would imagine from a sports reader. The website looks like a vintage website for Cambridge or Oxford University, prestigious. He speaks all about male behaviour and norms and encourages you to feel as though its masculine to address your mental health. Then allowing you to DIY online to cure yourself. This is how I see it as a service design. Its acknowledging male behaviour and attempting to re think it and reduce the embarrassment and shame that men can sometimes feel about mental health problems.

” Depression is a topic not often played for laughs, but a new campaign plans to use humour to convince blokes that real men look after their mental health ” Dr Ironwood

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What I think is most successful about this service design is that it’s address the sensitivity of male behaviour when it comes to mental health. Men do not want to confront these issues, they want to keep it private. So designing an online consultation service with help your self services, is a creative response. Traditionally men like to ‘do things them self’ as they ‘don’t need help’. The treatments on the website are more of a ‘do it’ ‘fix it yourself’ approach, reconceptualising it for men.




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