Post 5: Interview & Actual Examples of people with mental illness.

By Yu Zhang


During the interview with my partner Lucy, I asked some questions that relate to government, external factors, prevention, and education. The reasons I ask these is because I want to seek some opinion about how’s the attitude of society to mental illness, especially government and external factors. Base on my previous research, lots of mental illness cases are happened by inappropriate attitude from government and external factors from family, company, and school. Also, strengthen my positions as I mentioned in my previous blog.

How do you think about the treatment of government to mental health?

The government is mostly focused on strengthening the awareness to mental health and make it more like a discussion, so people have opportunity to start to understand the danger of mental health and how to realize it on time. On the other hand, people who suffering mental illness are still lack of support because of the government have less focus on policies.

What kind of external factors affect mental health issues most?

Family as it influence anywhere includes how to growth and learn how to live and how to solve problems. It might affect in a positive or negative way, depends on how’s the live style of family, include members of family, religion, nationally and so on. If the family have to face the pressure from the exposure to events like violence at home, it might promote mental illness happen. Also, relationship with friends , expectations from company or school are also affected mental illness.

What’s your idea for prevention of mental health issues?

Develop a network system to support the people with mental illness. It can provide a stage for them to seek help, and the system definitely has someone to talk or share experiences or tips about the issue, so those patients don’t think you are alone anymore. Also, a network system can have someone with skill that can help people with mental illness to deal with the issues, like anxiety or depression. It’s not necessary to have professional psychologist for the system, but have someone who would like to take time for patients to understand their situation and solve the issue.

What’s your idea about education can do for mental health?

Education is important but it’s tricky to be specific on how to educate to avoid mental health issue. It’s better to integrate government, educators, and family to discuss how to reform the education by sharing experience and thoughts.


I was ask Lucy to find more examples and opinions about live experience from different people with mental illness and how’s it affect their life. However, I think collect more example can help to understand further about the pain from mental illness and motivate my inspiration for the posters.

Find 3 examples of the live experience of people that affect mental health.


Ian described himself as victim of the global financial crisis. His banking company fired him in 2008, the pressure from money and feeling of despair defeat Ian to became a person with Major Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. It affects Ian only had 2 to 3 hours sleep per day with angry, irritable, demanding, needy, clingy and couldn’t concentrate or hold coherent conversations.


Brett diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after he was bashed into a traffic accident. He can’t leave his house and look after his family anymore, which affect Brett’s career loss, marriage collapsed and lost friendships. Brett mentioned he can not even attend to his children’s school concerts because he would have panic attack and always think that there must have someone trying to hurt him or his family. Brett was considered to suicide because of the pain and PTSD controlled his life over 14 years since 1995.


Susan’s 13-year-old daughter Lily diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder after her daughter said she was having scary, strange thoughts. Lily’s friends, sporting, and social activities suddenly fell away and not able to go to school anymore. Susan has to left the job and take care of Lily. Also, it affects Susan’s husband and son into negative emotions. Susan’s life was struggling and she was considered to just disappear one day.


Record 3 opinions about the current policies of mental health services (eg. lack of control, funding support etc.) from your friends or family.

  • The current policies are encouraging more of a discussion about mental health however there still needs to be more – Friend
  • I think that mental health is being dealt with in a better way than it has in the past, there is, however, a stigma that needs to be addressed in regards to physical illness vs. mental illness and how society responds to this. – Aunty
  • People in remote communities don’t have the same support opportunities as those in cities and towns, we need to provide for these people to ensure they have equal access to services – Brother

The five point summary

  • Network system is a great pathway to help people with mental illness and get enough support as soon as possilbe. Also, it can decrease the pressure from funding and cost for family.
  • Exposure of personal mental illness might turned into a negative result as patients would be terrified to face the society, family and friends.
  • Awareness of education for mental health still need to be more specific and clear, otherwise it can not develop a great system or policies to support patients.
  • Mental illness is very easy to turn into another problems, includes physical illness, broken relationship and negative thoughts.
  • Government need to be consistent on the policies with school, company, social media and community.


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