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It was a wedding gift for a same-sex couple, Maureen & Eileen. It was made by their dearest friend, Julie. It is a wooden sign which was hung  out by the seats for the ceremony to make the guests feel as one and all together. This is a very great idea and gift as a wedding gift. It gives the guests a very welcome message that everything is for the brides.

In another context, this is also a good example for marriage equality as well. Marriage is not about picking a side, it is for the couple who get married even they are a same-sex couple or straight couple. It is their choice. I think this sign really burn the message:



“Pick a Seat, Not a Side
Either Way it’s for a BRIDE”


As I was researching, I found this article that shows that LGBT teens who come out early have less depression as young adults. The researchers have examined data from 245 LGBT in the age between 12 and 25. The result has shown that they all experienced being victimized and bullied in high school because of their identity whether or not they came out. It also showed that those who have come out in high school have a higher self-esteem than those who haven’t come out regardless gender or ethnicity. It is a very serious issue when it comes to bullying for being LGBT. They all are depressed for keep their sexuality secret. Being LGBT is not what they all choose to be, it is what they are born. Thus, supports is the best for them rather than bullying which makes them suffer even more.


This is a poster for marriage equality campaign. As I was looking through my research about LGBTIQ, this image really caught my eyes and feelings towards it. It gives a very basic information of the symbol of men and women love. It simply asks the common between the three symbol and they all have two rings. That represents marriage equality as well. We all have something in common.


It is very true that some parents are not coherent with their children’s genders. When their kids are not heterosexual, the parents don’t often accept the fact but rather verbal abuse or not try to understand their children’s circumstance. Most LGBT feels very uncomfortable or scared when they want to ‘come out’ to their parents.It is very important to educated parents different sexual orientation and how to support their children. Most of the self-harm and suicide cases from LGBT youth are from being isolated and not accepted by their families.


“Love is Love” is one of the campaigns supporting same-sex love. As we can see, the series of posters show that there is no different between 3 couples no matter of their genders. The community should look at them as the same way in reality. We’re all capable of loving and to be loved without any criticism from society. Nowadays, there are more and more similar campaigns promoting around the world in order to help change the society’s perspective to same-sex love and marriage.


Apple has always been supporting LGBTIQ community in various ways. Lately, when the iPhone 7 released, there was a performance from Sia ‘The greatest’ song and also a scene of a gay couple on the train in their advertisement video. Previously, Apple also shared their great support to LGBTIQ by launching a new set of diverse – LGBT emoji for users via iMessage in the new iOS 8.3 updates. This update had gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter showing many positive responses to the new emoji.

I personally really like Apple not only for their high-tech products but also for their great support to LGBTIQ, especially from the CEO-Tim Cook. I hope not far in the future, all the mega-companies will also show their support to the LGBTIQ in order to make a change to the world.

large_2015_b66720e3 2.jpgIn January 2015, Barack Obama announced that America legalised same-sex marriage as Ireland and New Zealand had done so. This illustration “The Voice of Marriage Equality” was posted in the Herald Sun on 29th June 2015. It was the time that The Voice had first aired on Australian television. It shows that even though USA, Ireland, and NZ have all “turned around” to support same-sex marriage, Australia seems no affected or supportive this issue.The world has raised their “Voice”, but our country is likely to ignore it. Until now, in 2016, we’re still waiting for any positive moves from the government to legalise same-sex marriage regardless of a lot of effort from the LGBTIQ community and the activists.

40b990b3b6dd9cea7faff236c609edd4.jpgPeople have their own rights and voices. They can make their own decision on what they want to do. They are free to stand for anything they think it is right. In this image, it shows the message to people not to be afraid of what they stand for even if you stand alone. If you think is right, then go for it. This gives people a really special message for people to have their own stand.

infographic.pngI was so shocked to see the statistic. That is a really high percentage of young LGBTIQ experiencing sexual discrimination. The reason this happens because of the lack of sexual education in high school. Bully in high school is one of the biggest national issues that we need to solve as soon as possible. According to the statistic above, from 82% of LGBTIQ got homophobic abuse and 44%  experienced physical harassment, which such a big number of students to be abused. As we can see, within that amount of people who got bullied, 61% of them never reported the attack because they were scared and afraid to show their identity and get attacked again.


This is a visual for a campaign that United Nations launched. The campaign is about ‘AGAINST LGBT DISCRIMINATION’. UN has highlighted some statistic to show facts about LGBT. According to OUT news, there are 40% of homeless youth identify themselves as LGBT and there are four times more serious that Gay and Lesbian youth to consider suicide. This is a serious issue. Youth are studying under pressure with the addition of stressing over their own sexuality made them think they are worth living.

“It’s not only LGBT people who pay the price; we all do. Every trans kid thrown out of home or forced out of school is a loss for society. Every gay or lesbian worker denied work or driven to emigrate is a lost opportunity.”



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