Map and 10 pictures(post 3)

Picture 1


This photo is showing Macedonian police have clashed with migrants trying to get across the border between  Greece and Macedonia near the town of Idomeni, children cry in this photo, because people try to push past riot police at Macedonian border.

Picture 2


Due to many people died, and sickness, lack of mediation. people who are in this photo, decided leave their family behind by boat, their boat was suffered rough seas, many people fell into the sea.

image: Refugees heading from Bodrum in Turkey to the Greek island of Kos. Photograph: Bulent Kilic/AFP/Getty Images

Picture 3


The Syria crisis has raged for 5 years, it is means many children are suffering war like this little boy, children are disadvantaged groups, their are need more protection from government and organisation.

image: UNICHF twitter

Picture  4


This picture is showing the Syrian refugee crisis, explained in one map, most of the world’s refugees are not Syrian, this map focuses on Syrians because the Syrian refugee crisis is itself an important story, and also because it is representative of the broader refugee crisis.

image:Numbers in circles represent Syrian refugee populations. Numbers in squares represent all refugees, Syrian and non-Syrian. (Javier Zarracina/Vox)

Picture 5


A refugee girl missing her mother, so she drew a woman, and fell asleep inside her, many refugees children like this girl in the world, their are lost their families, their are need more protect from parents.


Picture 6


Refugee camp in Peshawar. In this picture people can see many tents and lots of refugees, the refugee camp is very simple and crude, refugee need cook out the tent in the cold winter, they do not have heavy coat to against the chilly wind.

image:Steve McCurry / Magnum Photos

Picture 7


The woman in this photo is pregnant, she is heavily indent like so many other refugees, because they have pay for renting tent, electricity fees. She said in Lebanon she is free, In Syria she must wear a black burqa all the time.  she call her draught Sulaf, it means sunrise.

image:Syrian refugees live in the shell of a bombed-out factory in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon. Photograph: Lynsey Addario/Edit by Getty Images

Picture 8


This is a young refugee home, though this photo, people can see refugees are live in the so much damn the circumstances, dirty and simple, in the situation, refugee are easy get sick and there no medical and health serves.

image: A young refugee looks out of his makeshift home across flooded land in the Bekaa. Photograph: Matthew Aslett/Demotix/Corbis

Picture 9

<> on October 21, 2015 in Dobova, Slovenia.
DOBOVA, SLOVENIA – OCTOBER 22: Migrants are escorted by police through Dobova as they are walked holding camp on October 22, 2015 in Dobova, Slovenia. Thousands of migrants marched across the border from Croatia into Slovenia as authorities intensify their efforts to attempt to cope with a human tide unseen in Europe since World War II. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

This photo shows a police holding the hand of a young girl, help refugees  and migrants across the border form Croatia into Slovenia. Refugees are walk long way to find a safety space.

Picture 10


Many children are like these children in the world, they might from brith is the refugee, because of war, they are no choice, although they are escape to other country, they are also called refugees.

image: Syrian refugee children pose as they play near their families’ residence at Al Zaatari refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, January 30, 2016. Photo Credit: REUTERS/ Muhammad Hamed



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