Interview( post 5)


Name: Cherry

What do you think about refugees and asylum seekers?

I am not real know much more refugees and asylum seekers information, for me, they are very strangeness, in my mind, I think refugees are poor people may from Africa or do not have able to take care themselves, these groups people may be are refugees or asylum.

Do you think they are mostly come from where?

They are mostly come from Africa, because some country in Africa  often suffer war, many people are lost home, family and job. They want get help from others country, that they would come to other land.

Did you actually see them on you life?

Properly see some refugees, before I was went to Greece, there are a lot of refugees in the street, they are do not have work, and live in very bad accommodation.

How did you know there are refugees?

I was seen some news about refugees, in the news, refugees are live together, and they home is very simple and crude.

Have you do something help refugees?

No, I have not, because I do not know what is the best way to help them.

Did you know refugees suffered what thing?

They are suffered war, lost home and family, students can not attendance at school, women was outrage.

Do you may help refugees in you life?

Sure, if they really need my help, I am happy to help them, if I have able to.

What design do you think can be help refugees life?

Maybe a job research platform, lots of refugees and asylum seekers are come from other land, they do not have works now, so maybe help they to find jobs is really good.

What is the necessary things for refugees?

Health serves, housing and education.

Mission task: How many times you see refugees news in five days?

After 5 days, She told me she has seen refugees news every day, when she get the mission before, she never pay attention on the problem. However, when she start to focus on the issue, she find every she has seeing lots of refugees news, these are comes from news paper, tv, radio and social media.


Some people are do not really know what is refugees and asylum seekers.

People want to help refugees and asylum seekers.

From the necessary to help refugees and asylum seekers is very important.

Government should from radically to help refugees, let them have able to take care themselves.

Society need calls on people to help refugees.

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