Post 5: Approaches to Design for Change, Design-Led Ethnography

To design for change, it is essential to get a deep understanding of the context of the issue. Conducting an interview is a very useful to pull out data from a different perspective. In the context of marriage equality, I want to get more information from people on how they are aware of the issue itself.

I expected the young generation will have a higher awareness on LGBTIQ issue and might have experienced issues not necessarily their own personal experience but their friends or their family. I would like to know about their opinion on same-sex marriage issue in Australia.


Questions were asked in the interview:

  1. Are you aware of LGBTIQ issue?
  2. Do you know anyone from the community like a celebrity?
  3. What do you think about marriage equality?
  4. What do you think the reason Australia doesn’t legalise same-sex marriage?
  5. Do you know the term of non-discrimination?


According to the interview, it was really interesting to hear their own personal opinion on the issue. The answer that I got back from question number 1 was pretty interesting. She said she did not know what LGBTIQ stands for, however, she said she is aware of the issue after being told of what the issue is. She has a few friends who are LGBTIQ and she also saw a lot of celebrity who are very brave to come out online as LGBTIQ which is a very good way to help other people who have not come out to stay positive and carry on with their life because it is not their fault.

To get a more specific information toward my focused, I asked her opinion on marriage equality and she said that marriage equality is fair for both LGBTIQ and straights because everyone has the rights to choose what their partner’s sex is and it is their own choose to decide who they want to spend their whole life with. The reason that she think why Australia does not legalise same-sex marriage is it is weird to let people with same sex to married each other and it is an unnatural thing to do. She also added on discrimination issue as well. She said when she was young, she did not know much stuff on LGBTIQ because she did not get uneducated on the issue and she thought that they are not normal but after she came to Australia and has some friends who are LGBTIQ, she has changed to thought on them. She said, “they are people like us”.

It was really interesting to hear that, so I did give her a task to find 5 celebrities who came out as LGBTIQ.

Here are the 5 celebrities who came out as LGBTIQ:

  • Ellen DeGeneres (American Comedian, Television Host, Actress, Writer, etc.) – Lesbian
  • Connor Franta (Youtuber) – Gay
  • Troye Sivan (Youtuber, Artist) – Gay
  • Caitlyn Jenner (Public Figure) – Transgender
  • Ingrid Nilsen (Youtuber) – Lesbian




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