7_Mapping our journey to the end.


Throughout this subject we had to create a lot of mind maps, this was a repetitive task and at sometimes boring…As we sat there trying to rack our brains for solutions when we had become so dependant on the use of technology to find the answers that we needed, but as we weeks passed on it became clear why the maps were so important and why we needed to do them.

Stakeholder Map.

In post 3, the process of mapping actors in mental health helped paint a picture to get a clearer image of what mental health entailed and why it was so import to so many people in a social context. However this map was a generalisation of the whole issue and didn’t delve deep into the heart of the issue I wanted to attack. Then the digital version of the map help make it cleaner and visible of what human/non human actors interacted with each other a lot and how they affected each other. 

Stakeholder map.

MindmapImproved stakeholder map.

Trigger words.

Word association was the next exercise we did in week 4, we tried to come up with as many words we could think of related to mental health. There was a general concensus in the brainstorm that mental health was a negative thing, this could be cause by social media’s affect on our perception of mental health and what it entails. Then after we needed to write a antonym of the word we had written down, this was difficult for some of the words we had come up with but not only that it was difficult to come up with descriptive emotive words for this exercise.

Mental words.

The following exercises was to arrange the words into a scale then to select the ones that we want to map the most. This was the map we made based around uncertainty, ignorance and future of people suffering from mental health, this then helped us step further into the mind of a person affected by mental health.

Another mind map: Further down the rabbit hole we go.


Mapping Controversies, Lack of Knowledge and Needs vs Wants

Week 5 was a big mapping day, we mapped out the lack of knowledge of mental health, the controversies around it and the needs vs wants of the mental health community. There was a lot of ideas behind culture and biology that created interesting avenues about habits that create poor mental health, this can be biological, cultural pressure and social perception.

lack of knowledge.

Controversies and drama associated with mental health was the direct we took from the previous map to move forward with. The insights that we had is the Biology vs Mentality is mental health issue increasing in awareness so therefore the number of cases of mental health people have increased or have they just been discovered. Also is it that the rapid pace of social change is happening so mental issues are increasing because the lifestyle isn’t sustainable or is it a environmental one where the products we use are making us ill. This map open up a lot new ways of thinking about mental health as a issue by looking at where people were having discrepancies about what mental health is or what is about.

Controversies of mental health.

From the previous map we choice the idea surrounding of needs vs wants, is our needs being met in the current social climate and if it isn’t what can be done to help fulfill this need? Support systems are very important for people…however, what happens when the family template and unit is broken down to help support then household with a income? Not only that who is the first to demand that this be changed if it is a problem? The government who’s revenue is affected by the health of its people or the people who need the government to accommodate the growing changing need of the people? This map left me with somethings to consider about mental health’s issues.

Needs or Wants?

The final map was to pick a brand which is a actor in the mental health issue and how it affects the people it reaches, with this map we didn’t get a lot of time. In essence nike is selling us the idea that their products is a lifestyle choice and it affects our purchases when we are trying to cloth ourselves we want to be seen in a certain light. This is what Nike banks on with their motivational ad’s aiming to inspire but at the same time buy.

Nike sells mental health?

Final words

Mapping everything out was a difficult task to try and rack our brains for what we knew and understand about the issue at hand. Without mapping it would be hard to create something with so much depth or find a very specific part of the issue that struck a chord with me in how I wanted to approach the design task. The ideas that I am starting to think about for my design approach for 3A/B is to find a way to help people with dealing with their mental issues as if it was a obstacle to cope and deal with what that will manifest as isn’t clear to me yet. Things I would improve on the task of creating mind mapping would be to set a shorter timer or perhaps when stuck for ideas, spend 5 mins online researching to help trigger more ideas. One invaluable resource that I did find out of these task was http://www.designkit.org/, which has a abundance of resources in find and creating new ideas for future projects.

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