Post 3: Mental Health Stakeholders Mapping & Image Archive

By Yu Zhang

Maps of the participants/stakeholders (human and non-human)

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In week 3, we tried to develop some words with mental health that base on stakeholders (human and non-human). It helps me to understand further about what kind of stakeholders connect with mental health and how to affect each other. Firstly, we collect the words that we found and develop a map that depends on which key element that mostly affect mental health issue, and then connect the rest of words to develop a sequence. However, the first map we developed and we found it technology is mostly affect mental issue because speaking of technology, it can include social media, and then extend to internet and media reporter. Finally, most of relevant elements will discover, include policies, funding, population and so on.


This is the map that bases on the broad element and then extends to another element with more details. During the map, we found that the core elements to affect mental health issue include Geography, Environment, Work Place, Government, Practitioners, Technology and Science. Especially workplace reflect lots of perspectives, includes education, communication, and behavior. These elements can reflect mental illness straightly. However, external factors can extend to most of areas that relate to mental health.

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This time, I try to focus on human factors and found that most of elements will extend to relationship and organization like family, reporters and teachers and so on. It means profession can be the agency to convey the information about mental health. Also, profession is the chain between organization and mental health as well.

Image Archive

post 3 (1).jpg
Approval Addiction – How does it steal away your health(Gupta, 2013).

The photograph is from the article ‘Approval Addiction – Part 2 … How does it steal away your health?’. It represents the outside of addiction is always looks happy as the mask while inside of addiction is painful as the face. The photography develop a specific visual metaphor to describe addiction can damage both physical health and mental health at the same time, and it can reflect on your painful emotions as the manifesto of mental illness, which is ‘pain’.

Post 3 (2).jpg
Thoughs – Mental Disorders (Unknown Author, 2015).

This is a shadow of human portrait that combined by pieces of notes, and the contents are about the thoughts of mental disorders, which are all negative comments. The portrait develop a very strong visual metaphor to cover the information inside of people when they have mental illness, and every comment has different font with different size to display, especially liar, it can describe metaphorically that they are helpless and lost by mental disorders.

Post 3 (3)
Depression Confession (A.S.K., 2014).

The blackboard design that tells a girl has lots of emotions want to express but only came out with ‘fine’ when people asking her ‘How are you?’. The visual metaphor really engaging to mental disorders by displaying the negative emotions around the girl while put the ‘fine’ in front of her face and cover her expression, which creates a very strong connection between the expression of the girl and the words that describe mental illness effectively.

Post 3 (4).jpg
Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not signs of weakness. They are signs of trying to remain strong for far too long (Gluck, 2013).

This is one of photograph series of ‘Quotes on Mental Illness Stigma’. It uses sandglass and put it on the neck of the character that looks hopeless and helpless. Generally speaking, sandglass represents lapse of time. On the other hand, the sandglass is locking the person’s action and she can not do anything with it. It describes a visual metaphor about the feeling of anxiety and depression, also it shows people with mental illness need to help because they might get stuck.

Post 3 (5)
Art project by Bulimia Nervosa (2014).

The photograph shows the person is spitting the words and characters about comments or requirements. These words and characters usually make people depress and worry because of excessive expectation, jealous and external factors. It is very smart idea to combine spitting with words, because people usually feel painful when they spitting, which is engaging the feeling of mental illness.

Post 3 (6)
The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are (Contagious Realism, 2011).

The character of this photograph is considering what kind of face she should wear before go out, even she’s not happy. The faces show on the table are all positive emotions to cover her depression, which is a great idea to engage the face of mental illness effectively while describing the phenomenon of society that people suffer their situation of being anxiety and fear to seek help.

Post 3 (7).jpg
Property of Society (Kruger, 2014).

The photograph called ‘Property of Society’. It uses a barcode to seal the character’s mouth that expresses shut up is the property because it can make the society peaceful and harmonious by no negative comments. It’s a counter example with a strong visual metaphor to express the feeling of depression because of no way to express how they feel, which can tell by the eye contact of the character on the photograph.

Postt 3 (8)
Not every disability is visible (HealthyPlace, 2015).

This is the photograph from the serious of ‘Quote on mental health’. It shows the men trying to paint himself to be colourful because he has no colour. Obviously, the colour represents hope as display it on the photograph, it describe metaphorically about the quote ‘Not every disability is visible’, which is suitable for mental illness as well because anxiety and depression are invisible.

Post 3 (9).jpg
La coraza de la cautela (Unknown Author, 2013).

The photograph shows the mask can change to different faces with different emotions except for the emotion of the person that wearing the mask because it’s hiding under the mask. It develops a strong visual metaphor about human always consider to hiding their negative side while pretending they are fine as the mask. On the other hand, they don’t know the mask is creepy as mental illness.


Post 3 (10)
(Unknown Author, 2015)


This is a very simple figure and ground drawing to describe the thoughts inside of the people while they said ‘fine’ from the mouth to outside of the world. It expresses the situation of people with mental illness that they’re fear to show their actual feeling and seek help, and that’s they are always doing something opposite of their mind as the person from the photograph did.

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