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Identifying and collecting a design example

By Clyde Overton

Tiny Homes with a Tiny Price

Sydney based architecture firm, NBRS Architecture have collaborated with the Tiny Homes Foundation (THF) in designing affordable and flexible housing units for the homeless. The units are expected to be built on the NSW Central Coast, where the Gosford City Council has approved the site.


F:Dgn-151507215072-3d15072 - Tiny Homes Site Model_katie.wilThe initial pilot project will consist of four units or ‘tiny homes’ that will additionally include a shared laundry, workshop, and garden. Derek Mah, an associate at NBRS Architecture, said that the initial concept of the project was drawn from the tiny house movement to solve the issue of housing provision for the homeless. Each unit is estimated to cost and built for less than $30,000, which is projected to decrease with its economy of scale.

Perspective-768x556“There’s boarding houses and subsidized housing but there wasn’t anything that offered this amount of independence for such a small amount of money,” Mah said. “That’s the main driver behind it – to give people some dignity and independence.”

15072-Sketch-01-1.jpgThe 14sqm homes themselves will contain a full bathroom and kitchen, with space for living and sleeping. They are additionally designed with an off the grid aspect in mind. This includes solar power, hot water, and compostable toilets. The units work with the environment in harvesting rain waiter, and the building materials used result in providing thermal comfort, which minimises the need for artificial heating and cooling. The units feature a front deck, and large glass doors. The units are pre-fabricated, with the use of insulated panels, which ensure easy assembly and self-supporting with the removal of a structural frame. Having this ease of construction additionally means that the units will be easily modular and adaptable to the user.


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