POST 4: Identifying and collecting a design example

Studio Thick: Re-imaginging government transactions

Studio Thick is an Australian based strategic design consultancy specialises in service design and customer experience. They concern about global challenges and strive for re-inventing products and services for a brighter future.

Victorian Government’s public services were causing citizens many troubles and difficulties. Studio Thick needs to rethink the entire service experience from end-to-end and reboot how citizens should complete their tasks in a most effortless manner.


Victorian Government Customer Service Centre from Thick on Vimeo.


First of all, they started with identifying the issues that the citizens are facing when they need a government transaction. In order to do that, they conducted 3 months of trial customer service centre to capture as much user feedback as possible. In this period, extensive surveys, interviews and observational research are conducted to gather analytical result for further refinement. Their strategic approach relies on rapid improvement and prototyping.

In terms of the spatial layout of the physical store, Thick works with the award-winning Melbourne architects Figureground to disscuss about the relationship between the concierges and the customer. With the help of them, they can effectively identify how the customers flow through the space based on their own context.

In terms of the digital portal, the approach is citizen-centric whether they are elderly, disabled or uneducated will be able to use it properly. Tested the flow of interaction with different context. The use of digital reporting tools, Google Analytics, to observe the user’s action into meaningful data.



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