Post 4: Yummico: Shaping Kid’s Behaviour Through Digital Media

written by Song-Yi Im

Design company: Yummico

Yummico is media company that runs with four people who are professional in film designs and activity-based pedagogy. As they all are parents concerning own children, the beginning of the company comes from observation on own kids interacting with screens of mobile, TV, and computer. Finally, Yummico is established with the slogan, ’Delicious media. Good and good for you’, that purposes on providing new media in safe and valuable so both parent and kid would trust to use.

Yummico has been served two main applications so far that are called Yummiloo and Ash & Ollie. Yummilloo is created for educating nutrition and importance of healthy eating in game forms. Ash & Ollie, animated show, navigates children to appropriate behaviour through main characters’ daily adventures.


Game: Yummiloo (Introduction)

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.12.04 PM
Background image of Yummiloo, nutrition game (Yummico 2016b)



Yummiloo, which is the name of town of the game background, is food adventure series designed to expose preschoolers to healthy eating through games and storytelling with cute characters which are figured based on kinds of nutritions. In this imaginary village where all made of food, each character ,who has own personality and rolls, leading healthy life stories.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.22.39 PM
Concept of Rainbow Power and Eating A Rainbow (Yummico 2016b)

 Along with the basic background, the first game application it has been published is a ‘Rainbow Power’ that based on ‘Eating A Rainbow’ concept. It informs well-known fact that each different coloured fruit or vegetable is functioning on the body part with different nutrition. The game encourage eating broad range of coloured food and emphasises importance of variety of colour supply to build healthy body.

The game starts with providing player a task to fulfil the power in Rainbow Machine by harvesting foods for annual carnival in Yammiloo. The game strategy is simple. The player harvests fruit and vegetable in different colours from a garden, dragging them into a cart and loading the rainbow Machine. As each food goes in a cart, it is identified to teach children basic food identification. With completion of fulfilling 5 carts, the power of the machine reaches to max and the Yum Yum party’s begin. It delivers and reinforces the lesson that body with different coloured food bring them the energy and abundant lives by showing characters eats and enjoys their rainbow colours foods.

Promotion video of Yumiloo: Rainbow Power (getyummico 2013)


Animation: Ash & Ollie

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.19.55 PM
Two main characters of the show, Ash and Ollie (Yummico 2016a)

Ash & Ollie, which is named after the main two characters who are sibling, is a traditional preschool genre animation leading by two sibling’s daily journey. By visually storytelling their adventures back and forth between going into realistic life and extraordinary imagination, it guides to how to solve issues that kids suffer in humours way rather than preaching.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 6.20.28 PM
Image of their screen time and screen time strategy (Yummico 2016a)

Their first adventure, episode of ’Screen Time’, shows guide how parent help to set up the rules for screen time for children themselves and leads them other method of playing out of sticking on a big screen. It reflects status of current kids who are inevitably exposed by digital interface and the conflict that how the parent should deal with this issue. The company accepts the circumstance and purposes to communicate and provide children the tools and encouragement they need to make their own health choices.

The Yummico uses and provides new media as secondary parenting tools. It functions great for educating and shaping kids’ behaviour on health so they can make their own choice of eating and playing healthy with knowing the reason of the choices. This way of teaching seems to efficiently emphasise optimistic and beneficial aspect of entertainment that triggers fast achievement and acquisition of knowledge for kids. I fond this form of design because it tries to solve the problem without any dramatic or extreme impact. It indirectly approaches and guides audience to select the right way to go while they are playing.

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