On Your Mind

Black and white photographs of individuals suffering from mental illness were transformed using Processing (Manchester 2009)


POST 4 // Identifying and Collecting a Design Example

By Eugenie Park


(Manchester 2009)


“On Your Mind” is a poster campaign for the mental health organisation, Northpoint Wellbeing, created by design studio, McCann Manchester.

North point Wellbeing Limited is a registered charity that helps people experiencing emotional distress. These posters were created to be found in doctors’ surgeries, clinics, student halls and other suitable locations throughout Northpoint.

These posters combine black and white photography, taken by Steve Deer, and Processing done by Ryan Alexander, also known as Scloopy. The faces are made of strings of text which recounts the types of issues people have discussed at Northpoint as well as issues and thoughts that should be talked about. Richard Irving, creative partner at Manchester, has stated that further plans are in action to create a ‘live’ version for web and possibly cinema commercial.

“The software takes the image and draws little lines all over it. The tips of the lines look for brightness in the image. It acts like a fungus and grows in real time to produce the finished result. No two images are ever the same, even if the same info is used.”


(Manchester 2009)
(Manchester 2009)


This project was interesting to research as it incorporates data collection and visualization in a new medium. The thoughts of individuals that have come through Northpoint have been documented as well as the professionals and their thoughts on seeking help.

Northpoint has thought about creative ways to get individuals to come seek counselling. I think that these posters break the barrier of talking about mental illness in a creative way as the image is created though words and thoughts.




Burgoyne, P. 2009, “Processing Thoughts,” Creative Review, 18 November, viewed 22 August 2016

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