POST 4: Identifying and collecting a design example

Creative agencies have the ability to inform and update an audience on a much more engaging level, as they employ captivating designs that visual communicate complex ideas and issues to its audience. The aptitude of design can be identified through the work of prestigious design studio, Alphabetical. Alphabetical studio is an innovative design studio based in London that endeavours to generate eccentric and significant design. Established in 2010 by co-founders Bob Young and Tommy Taylor the agency has achieved a lot in a short period of time. In its flourishing six years Alphabetical has worked with high profile companies such as D&AD, Marks & Spencer, the Design Museum and the United Nations, broadening its cliental and expanding the company as a whole. The company prides itself on its modest agency as Young explains, “There is an advantage to being nimble, especially at this point in time. For us, collaboration has been a real benefit, rather than a hindrance. Being small has definitely been a really big advantage.” (Creative Blog Staff, 2012)


Early this year Alphabetical came together with the celebrated international organisation, United Nations (1945) to work closely with the global issue of gender equality. The design studio worked with the charity HeforShe, a campaign initiated by UN Women that fights for gender equality and women’s rights. Designing the campaigns Impact 10x10x10 Parity Report the company established a comprehensive and easy to read report, through modern typography and a faultless colour palette [Figure 1].

Figure 1: HeforShe Parity Report, Pg. 12 (Tayor & Young, 2016)

Comprised of four parts, introduction, the United Nations, Corporate Impact Champions and Company Profiles, the report coherently explores the divide amongst genders within ten of the worlds leading companies. The agency explained “it was important that the audience could easily understand all of the complex information within the report, so we developed a concept that visually highlighted the divide between men and women by utilising the physical separation between the pages in the centre of the report.” (Gosling, 2016) [Figure 2] Reporting on the important contemporary issue of gender inequality, Alphabetical has the ability to transform facts and figures into a visual journey that walks readers through the report in an engaging yet informative manner [Figure 3]. 


Figure 2: HeforShe Parity Report, Pg. 21 (Taylor & Yound, 2016)



Figure 3: HeforShe Parity Report, Pg. 1 (Taylor & Young, 2016)


Alphabetical’s ego-less design has created a voice for gender inequality, giving it a platform to be heard. The company’s ability to reinvent a traditional report structure and design an encapsulating and informative document is a testament to their design practice and is a breakthrough for the voice of gender equality. The design studio believes “there is beauty in logic” (Taylor & Young, 2016), understanding this is what empowers the company to generate ground-breaking contemporary design. HeforShe has reached 1,302,645,080 (UN Women, 2016) individuals across the world and the campaigns contemporary identity and bold designs have had a huge contribution to its success. Visual communication design has the capacity to intrigue, invite and enrich an audience through engaging material. Ultimately, highlighting the potential that graphic design expels within contemporary society.


Written by Zara Hartwig


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