New shelter for refugee (post 4)

The most important thing for refugee is basic need for housing, refugee and asylum seeker are come from different countries, they are do not have able to buy a housing, depend on some research described that refugee want get housing for government, but it should have a long time waiting. Ikea foundation and UNCHR designed shelter for refugees, which is cheap, solar-powered hut that only takes four hours to built, but offers refugees more protection and privacy.

1682416-inline-shelter-7Per Heggenes who is CEO of the Ikea Foundation, he says “right now, more than 3.5 million refugee live in UN-provided tents, its has little comfort, dignity or security. However, those tents are do not have electricity and lighting in winter and hot summer, these tenets are limited normal life of refugee. Depend on this reason, Ikea foundation and UNCHR are designed new shelter, which can give refugee more protection. The main point is this shelter very lightweight so that people can fast move it. Johan Karlsson, Project Manager at Refugee Housing Unit says “The design is to balance the mechanical properties such as UV, structural strength, insulation, cost and a very specific requirement for this application: privacy.”

This shelter design unlike bookshelf and others, wood-fare, the shelters are made by lightweight, porta-potty-style plastic mounted on a supersteel skeleton, for its easily built, ship and assemble for refugee housing, during the day, the new design material can keeps light to the night, the material is a new type of polymer siding called Rhulite. On the top of shelter is new solar panel laminated on a thin plastic film, it replace the traditional bulky panels.

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