Fitness Experiment #Howfitfeels

Exercise Experiment on both active and inactive participants

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FitnessFirst AUS ‘How Fit Feels’ 2016 

Post 4 : Mitchell Soames

#Howfitfeels is a project ran by fitness first Australia targeting two separate types of participants. Three people who live and breathe fitness, and three inactive people.

This experiment runs over the duration of 12 weeks with monthly updates via video recordings summarising each persons feelings and emotions sharing the effects of the program on their lives.

Sleep patterns are tracked and participants will provide a daily mood rating to see if adding or removing fitness can change how they feel.

The website is very engaging displaying portraits of the participants with their name, age, biological age (predicted through a scientific formula based on one’s lifestyle), quote summing up their main thoughts and an option to read a short bio (as shown below).

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 Fitness First AUS ‘How Fit Feels’ 2016 

The site also encourages the general public interaction for those following these stories, a invitation to post pictures of yourself exercising with the hash tag #Howfitfeels provides the opportunity to have your picture chosen to be displayed on the website. There are quick links sharing information about healthy alternatives to nutrition, lifestyle changes and exercise solutions.

Only a month after the start of the program, every previously inactive person has come back with unbelievably convincing results psychologically. Most common was the feeling of energy and confidence,

Feeling really great after my training sessions I’m starting to get more energised and not as sore – Alisha (inactive participant)

While simultaneously stripping fitness out of an active persons schedule has really taken a negative impact on their mental well-being,

 Clarity of thought is getting foggy, I can’t articulate what I want to say very well. My creativity has dropped right off – Nardia (Active participant)

These stories directly reinforce my previous research into the ‘Impacts of physical activity on obesity’. Not only are these people changing their physical condition, but by exercising an extreme shift in overall psychological behaviour shows just how positive the effects of physical activity are.

I am aware that this may not seem like an emerging practise context but I disagree. The #Howfitfeels promotes one of the most personal and transparent investigations I have ever seen in any advertising context. Monitoring active people after taking fitness out of their lives is such an interesting concept as these individuals start to understand the terrible psychological repercussions instantly.

Furthermore introducing exercise into an inactive (over-weight) participant can not only improve their BMI/ physical state, but change their life from nutrition to better choices, and mental strengthening a whole new level of understanding to a healthy living can be achieved .


FitnessFirstAUS, 2016 ‘#HowFitFeels Viewed 20 August 2016

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