Post 4: Reframe Refugees

By: Jannie Mach

Reframe 2016
A photo-based platform called ‘Reframe Refugees’ by Marie Louise Diekema and Tim Olland.  (What Can Design Do, 2016)

What Design Can Do, the United Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and the IKEA foundation has announced a ‘Refugee Challenge’ launched in February 2016. More than 600 applicants from mixed teams around the world submitted their ideas and concept developments to establish a new better living for refugees. The top 25 is chosen from 30 different creative professionals and humanitarian experts.

The use of design that changes in a way of our understanding, learning and sharing, creating some sort of impact on the world is one of the winning projects called ‘Reframe Refugees’ designed by Marie Louise Diekema and Tim Olland in the Netherlands- is a system to bring togetherness. “It’s about imaging and by showing us insert to the real life ambitions, potentials of the refugees… its an opportunity to see them as a respectable people they are.” (Team Sunshine 2016, 0:59)

The project is a photo-based platform that helps refugees to upload their devotion, hope, and dreams- the same as everybody else. Why? It’s a way to lend their own personal voice and to share their stories due to the media only showcase refugees in a shocking and defenseless situation. This will follow a procedure of uploading the photos, with a description and checking for its quality and condition then offered to the media companies to purchase. It will only target on refugees who holds a smartphone, and the payment is a form of a donation to a charity case that provides for refugee cause, chosen by the consumer.

Outlining the way the ‘Reframe Refugees’ system works. (What Design Can Do, 2016)

A break down on the way the system works is the refugee login by creating an account with an explanation of the service next upload a photo with a personal description and background story. The photo gets approved and sends a notification to the refugee that the photos go up for sale. Consumers can browse and search for the photos and description that is bought and made a payment towards charity. The refugee gets a notification saying the photo is sold with the amount of cost it has made since the start of the upload. Lastly, the photo is free to use for all purposes such as for publication, exhibitions, newspaper, website, blogs and more. “The jury believed that the concept of reframing public narratives through refugee photography was powerful, challenging to achieve and do well, but definitely worth prototyping.” (What Can Design Do, 2016)

Notes: I had chosen this concept because I felt it’s a beautiful service design that can be easily accessed and touch the hearts of the refugees from all around the world. Also, I think it’s a place where refugees can express what they feel and do just to ease their pain. I wonder what design proposal I should do?

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