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Obesity & Healthy living





Health is not about going to the gym three times a week, which is thousands of little decisions you can make in your daily life, it is also is what you do in your ‘healthy times’.


Travis Bogard points out, people know their phone more than their own health considers, so how can we do can make them to take care of their wellness? Finally, the company called Jabone, which create one product to solve the problem. The UP wristband can work with smartphone and web to help people monitor consumers exercise habit, sleep cycle and eating decision.


The UP is not a simple passive monitoring device of health. For example, when people use this wristband, it can remind them to stand up and keep moving around when they have been sedentary for long time. Moreover, the UP could help people who are with chaotic lifestyles that result in irregular eating as well as sleeping patterns, which can help log their food and drink consumption, and provide the nutritional information.


Jawbone Releases UP, A Wristband For Tracking Your Wellness, 2012, Available at [Accessed 16 Aug 2016]. < http:// www. for-tracking-your-wellness>
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The UP wristband is made from TPU and Stainless Steel, TPU have many different features, such as suppleness, wear-resisting and waterproof, for example, when people go to swim, it can track the swimming session and also taking shower. Even though, this produce is multifunctional, the weight of it just only 29 grams.


In a diverse country,the UP not only can help people change them to better daily life, but also can attaches great importance to one’s own body and health considers, in addition, it also can help people who are obesity or diets fail, have a good arrangement of reasonable diet. People who get busy time would not complain that there is no time to do exercise or eat health food; children can also form a healthy habit by themselves without their family. The UP is Involve different areas of the design.





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