Refugees and Asylum Seekers (Post 1)

The news ‘Refugees struggling to find suitable housing in Newcastle call for better support’ was posted on ABC news by Robert Virtue, this news has describe refugees want have better support of suitable housing in Newcastle.

The motivation of this news is refugees calling assistance, with the high prices of housing, many Australia people are save money to buy a housing, not only refugees. Refugees think that they are very difficult to find a good job, because English are not their first language, then, depend on this situation they can get loan for bank. Author also point that these refugees are come from Congolese which is located in Africa. Jerome Rugaruza said everyone want buy a housing, because in the Congolese culture, everyone has their own housing. However, this is very difficult to achieve in Newcastle. Virtue also gives some statement from government, which is aware of the lack of adequate and affordable housing for refugees in Newcastle.

This news is a fact, author written this news depend on two parts which are interview refugees and include official of government statement. Author think that government should help refugees get house in Australia, I am agree with his opinion.


“Asylum seeker children bullied in Nauru schools, save the children consultant says” was written by Elizabeth Jackson posted on ABC news, the motivation of this news is asylum seeker children who do not want to go to school, because they are being suffering subjected to racial vilification in local schools on Nauru. Some of local students are calling refugees and asylum seeker children as ‘terrorists’, and ask them “go back to your own country, you don’t be here, go back and make your bombs.

For refugees and asylum seeker children education in Nauru, Australia government’s immigration department responds that “ education serves is belong to Nauru government, but Australia government still provides assistance though quality education program to Nauru government”. Mr Ross, who has working in Nauru, Ross was told to reporter many children are don’t go to school, they are study base knowledge in the home, they think school is not safe for them, that a main reason for they are no go to school. I agree with this news, government should pay more attention on refugee children education.



“ Alphonse Mulumba urges media to drop ‘refugee’ label for ‘new Australia’” was written by Carol Raabus posted on ABC news, which is an Australia’s state-owned and funded national public broadcaster. This news point that Alphonse Muluma has lived in Australia from 2008, after 4 years of 2008, he became an Australian citizen. However, he is usually labeled refugee by reports, he do not want people think he still is a refugee, he said this can not made sense. “when my two feet stepped on Australia, I am not a refugee” he told Ryk Goddard on 936 ABC Hobart. Author addressed Alphonse want people call him new migrants, he said “if people think the migration is not important to Australia, they will always calling people refugee.

The author written this news all about Alphonse Mulumba opinion, he do not point him opinion, I think this news may like an interview. Alphonse Mulumba think media should stopped using “illegal migrants” and state humanitarian entrants as refugees, and public voice could change for the better. I am agree with his opinion, media will affect judgment of people, and guide people views on the issue, so if the media start using positive way, people will believe them, also Alphonse Mulumba want people referred to him as “ new Australia” when author asked he what he prefer people calling them.


The news (Dark past: so little has changed in Australia’s posture towards asylum seekers) was written by Antony Loewenstein posted on the Guardian, the Guardian is a comment free news website. The Guardian is belong to Guardian Media Group (GMG), which is controlled by the Scott Trust Limited, the aim of limited company is ensure the editorial independence of the publications and Web Sites of GMG.

The motivated of author is recently released Nauru files. This files is point that the descriptions of sexual abuse, rape, violence and psychological breakdown of refugees. In 2014, the author was interviewed Sisalem who is the last remaining refugee trapped on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Sisalem sad “he need to belong to a country, which can protect he and where can give he a normal and productive life’’. The author often think of this interview, he think Australia just has a little changes in posture toward asylums seekers.

I think this news is an opinion article, it is belong to author own voice. He think that government should give refugees more protect policy and support. He appeal tourism Australia design a new advertisements to attract people come to Australia by plane not easy than by boat, these people who are white, anti-immigration activists from other countries.

I agree with author opinion, Australia was will ahead of global in its treatment of refugees.


“German far-right leader draws on Australian border policies in ‘two islands’ plan” was published on the Sydney morning herald. This reporter has refer to a German far-right leader says Berlin should rejected refugee and asylum seeker to other two island without Europe”, she didn’t point the name of these two island. The reporter thinks that she says this comment had influenced by Australia asylum seeker policy. German media had explained Ms Petry said the detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, where Australia funds facilities to hold asylum seekers and refugees. Ms Petry opinion that she called German police uses firearms against illegal migrants, she added she propose the Federal Official transfer to Migration and Refugees for emigration, which ensures that all illegal migrants can not come to German. About she’ opinion, I think she is very extremes, refugees and asylum seekers they ware faced persecution, they may don’t have ability arriving island by normal way, there are illegal migrants, but they are still refugees or asylum seekers, I think government should have a policy to help and protect these part refugees and asylum seekers.



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