Refugee and Asylum Seekers in Australia (Post 2)

The first article “Refugee and Humanitarian Issues” was published by department of immigration and citizenship which belong to Australia government. It is a public government organization, they are can be trustworthy.

屏幕快照 2016-08-16 1.06.22 AMThis scholarly article was written for celebrate 55 years since Australia signed the Refugee Convention, Australia is the sixth country to sign the Refugee Convention, Since then, Australia have made a major contributions around the world for refugees. After World War II, refugees are living in Australia about seven million people. The purpose of this article is important in order to strengthen relationship between the UNHCR and Australia, share expertise, this article also describes the role of Australia in the international protection and humanitarian programs. This article also has addressed adjusting to a new life in Australia – assistance for humanitarian visa holders, Australia government keep help refugees and asylum seekers life after they are arriving this island. For humanitarian program, the article points two important functions which are protection to people already in Australia who are found to be refugees according to the Refugees Convention, and resettlement in Australia for people overseas who are in the greatest need of humanitarian assistance.

The second article is “A New Approach. Breaking the Stalemate Refugees and Asylum Seekers”, It was written by John Menadue. Arja Keski-Nummi and Kate Gauthier. The main points of this article is describe refugees and asylum who are arriving Australia after the second world war, Australia’s has been helped them. Authors are outline five principles for refugee and asylum seeker policy, which are restructuring the debate on national security and asylum, engaging fully within the region, refocusing Australia’s offshore humanitarian program, creating a new approach to asylum policy in Australia and reallocating funds to the initial settlement needs of refugees. Authors also using graph to support their ideas of an international issue about refugee situation in global, those graph are showing how many refugees in the world and where are they come from, most refugees are from Asia Pacific to Australia, because Australia has signed the Refugee Convention in region. The humanitarian program also play an important role in this article, they think Australia should have more strategic about how resettlement refugee. In this article, authors has give many helpful recommendations for how to solve and help refugee and asylum seeker in Australia.


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