Post Two – Refugees and Asylum Seekers


“From little English and with no sewing skills, a group of Karen women are close to opening a social enterprise business on the main street in Nhill, in western Victoria.”  ABC News 22 Apr 2016

This story to me is quite positive, the refugees are an absolute bless to the small town in Victoria.  Unlike previously where refuses are thrown into a camp where its a total strain on the Australian economy and budget. This time its a completely different, the refugees have been placed into a dying town in the western Victoria where the economy hasn’t imp loved in years and a lot of the residents have started to leave. the group of 25 women gathered at the Nhill learning centre where they have been set up to lean how to sew and they are going to be selling their products. this not only boots the economy but also bringing in new products into the eco system. much different to the ways where previous refugees have been treated. I think its such a smart way of dealing with refuse problems. integrating them into smaller towns where you are able to bring in their culture and new skill sets which help boost the economy rather than just spending millions of dollars on them in a refugee camp where it becomes a strain on the economy and also not actually helping the refugees, throwing them into a camp does nothing for them apart from relying on the government to feed them and hoe that one day they can get out of the camp and hopefully find a job. this to me is kinda ridiculous as most of them dont know a word of english not understand the culture, how are we so ignorant to think that they are going to be fine after being released from the camp. most of them will probably get a culture shock and end up on government benefits once again.

If you introduce them into a small rural town where you are able to learn new skills understand the culture and support the economic growth, we will be a much more prosperous country. letting the refugees work and earn money on their own is such a great idea. its always good to teach them a new set of skills where they are able to use that skill to feed them selves and their family.

I personally think that we should have more of these setups where refugees can learn a different range of skills from farming agriculture to mechanics. we should introduce them to areas where there are not enough people working so they can fill the gap and become a part of the society while boosting the economy. 

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