Considering mental health issue at work and in rural areas of Australia

Post 2: Scholarly research

By Ngoc Tram Nguyen

In the scholarly research, I looked further into two issues that I found interested after a general research in the first blog post which are mental health at work and mental health in the rural area of Australia.

Article 1: Mental Health and Work: Impact, Issues and Good Practices

The article was written by and published on Digital Common, a platform for research materials about human resource issue at Cornell University. The authors raise their concern that mental health problem is now become a global issue that effect the labour force. In more details, facts and figures showed that mental health is one of three leading factors that cause disability. This result to not a course for the economy itself as a short in productivity and labour force but also lead to social cause and spending to social care service. The map below illustrated the costs that mental illness may cause to the society:



I highly agree with the author that raising number of people who suffer from mental illness is clearly a threaten to us as human being ourself, to the society and the economy as a whole. The article also pointed out that mental illness sufferer are less capable to find a job because of their own mental barriers – stigma. This can lead to a rise in unemployment rat and other relating social issues as a result of unemployment.

After presenting the current matter of mental health at work, the authors also present different analysis and solution to improve the work environment. I agree with the idea of building a friendly and sensible workplace. As being young and new to the workforce, myself have experience mental struggles due to stress. As stated in the article, The process of bringing mental wellness at work focuses on improving time structure, social contact, social identity and social activity. These research and analysis has opened up a guideline to improve the quality of labour force and showed concern of the society toward Mental Health issue.


Article 2: Suicide and mental health in rural, remote and metropolitan areas in Australia

An other issue that I’ve looked at because it seems to have bad impact to the young generation of Australia. As we can see from the report in post one, there’s a threatening rise in suicide rate in Tasmania recently. CORE is a project done by

CORES builds community capital through establishing training teams, creating new connections across communities and linking people with services. The SAIP provides demonstrated increases in knowledge and confidence in the issues surrounding the prevention of suicide. Reports from community members confirm increased competence to recognise individuals at risk and respond appropriately with dialogue and referral.

The solution to lack of access to mental healthcare in remote area of Australia such as Tasmania is build up small community in each area. The program initial succeeded to improve the mental issue happening in Tasmania due to geographical isolation.

It seems like to cope this problem, geographic problem is a question that needed to answer.



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