Scholarly Secondary Sources

Australia’s Parental Leave Policy and Gender Equality: An International Comparison’

The article written by Broomhill and Sharp (2011) focused on how the paid parental leave scheme in Australia will contribute to transitioning to a more equal gender order in the dual worker/carer structure. They listed the positive aspects that the scheme already provides but concluded that it falls short in many other areas compared to other European models. For example more flexible and longer parental leave, and provision of assigned father only leave. And of course a more generous paid leave for parents. In this article they recommend the Australian policymakers to look at other European models for measures in parental leave welfare goals, however it does not point out that these countries work on a different tax model.

‘Parents’ jobs in Australia: work hours polarisation and the consequences for job quality and gender equality’

The article written by Charlesworth, Strazdins, O’brian & Sims (2012) criticises the policies and contracts in Australia today due to the results being that one parent leaves the work force for a short period of time (often unpaid), and returns to the market part time as secondary earners to enable care (overwhelmingly mothers). They conclude that this fact results in direct implications for the quality of jobs in which parents work. They found very few examples of both mothers and fathers with jobs with optimised quality, hours, and contract. In their research they looked at other OECD countries in which Australia also falls short with their parental leave scheme. This report seems more profound than the other paper I found since it has been looking at hard facts and statistics of contracts in Australia. This would be more relevant than comparing existing models between countries with different taxation structures.

By Camilla Ahlström

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