POST 1: The quality of mental health services depends on attitude of the government

by Yu Zhang

Photo by Artur Borzecki Photography that reflects on the change of NHS mental health service is too little, too late, for far too many.


Mental health is about human well-being that relates to phycology. It can affect the live style and emotion of people. In the current society, mental illness is a big social issue that reflects by increasing rate of suicide and family abuse. The reasons are diverse, but pressure is the root. That’s why I choose mental health for the research task as I want to discover where’s the pressure come from and how’s the pressure affect the society. In the orientation week, I start my reading exercise and found some several positions about the mental health issue, includes treatment of government, awareness of recognition for mental health and the effect of external factors on mental health.These positions help me to understand further about the root of pressure that affects the quality of mental health to human.

Article 1: McGorry says mental health care becoming a field of broken dreams

The article is written by Patrick McGorry, the professor of youth mental health and executive director of Orygen. He published the article in the broadsheet newspaper called The Australian. It’s an opinion-based article with lots of factual data supported. In the article, Patrick mentioned a 17-year-old daughter suddenly become anxious and depressed before she’s extremely well. That’s why Patrick wrote this article to guide audience realizing mental health care need to integrated with mainstream healthcare, he believes mental illness is important as same as physical illness. Patrick’s position is mental health haven’t got enough support from policies because Australian government pay less attention and didn’t realize mental health issue can become a serious problem before explore. It can prove by the data from the article that mentioned mental health is at the bottom of money intended by government. He written this issue since 2010, most of sources are remind government to increase the funding for changing the policy of mental health. However, I agree with Patrick’s position, but it’s hard to implement because there are lots of external factors need to consider, include poverty and awareness of being mental health issue. That’s why even Patrick’s position is quite common, but it only helps audience to understand the crisis of mental health and less help for funding support of the policies.

Article 2: Many Australians ignorant of anxiety disorders, says beyondblue, a mental health charity

The article is written by Miki Perkins
, a senior reporter at The age. She mostly writes about social issue including mental health. Her motivation to write the article is from her concern about most of people thinks anxiety is a personality rather than mental health illness in Australia after she presents a survey that shows only 50% people knew anxiety is mental health issue. It is a well-researched article with opinion based from different interviewee. Miki’s position is many people don’t recognize the symptoms of anxiety on time. The position has lots of data support in the article. For example, according to Mental health charity beyondblue, 40% of people think anxiety is “just stress”. In fact, Miki wrote lots of article about social issue, include family violence and racist, these issues are another factors that connect to mental health. However, I agree with Miki’s position that most of people won’t tell to anyone when they have anxiety until devastating behavior happened, because most of people fear and don’t believe they are sick. Overall, the position is more focus on the issue of awareness, if compare to Patrick’s position, but both positions describing the same root of mental health issue, which is lacking support because of lacking awareness.

Article 3: Mental health workers say care compromised in detention centres

The article is reported by Ashley Hall, the presenter of AM, PM and The World Today at ABC News. He had an interview with Amanda Gorden, a fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and a member of the Immigration Department’s Detention Health Advisory Group, so all of opinions are from Amanda, which is subjectively compliant immigration detention centres is not doing a great job in the fields of mental health for asylum seekers. Obviously, it’s a factual and opinion-based article. Amanda’s position is government is contracted to work for mental health services because of mental health services is suffering by intensive quantity of work, that affect the quality of mental health services is lack of meaningful activity and the lack of control. I think this is a vicious circle about the heavier work for mental health services promote government to be contracted to work with, but it’s not the reason for government to lower the quality of mental health services, which is lazy and irresponsible. So I agree Amanda’s position and doubt the attitude of treatment from government, they look being racist to asylum seekers that proved by the comment to immigration detention centres as ‘places where people are made sicker rather than healthy’. However, even the article has bias present, but I think is reasonable that mental health services are not good enough in the fields of policies.

Article 4: The death of Khodayar Amini

The article is written by Abdul Karim Hekmat, a freelance writer and photographer. His motivation to write the article reflects the problem of treatment of asylum seekers in Australia by the example of the death of Khodayar. It’s a factual and editorial article and shows Abdul’s position that Khodayar’s mental health issue is from the bad treatment from policies and immigration detention centres, include handcuffed and assaulted by no reason but refugee. Louise Newman, a professor of psychiatry at Monash University, mentioned Australian government does nothing to prevent mental health issue for asylum seekers as most of them will be record as take drugs or alcoholic. That’s why Khodayar lost his dignity and feel no safety before he suicide. Most of his friends have great comment to Khodayar like a great cook. However, I think the attitude and treatment of government to asylum seekers has serious problem while making the mental health issue getting worst, they treat them as criminal rather than citizen and I believe no one should suffer that because of their identity, which is being racist. I strongly agree with Abdul’s position and it actually relates to Amanda’s position as well, which both of article mentioned the treatment of government is problematic for mental health issue.

Article 5: Family doctors fear a mental health scandal waiting to happen

The article is written by Dr. Nihara Krause, the consultant clinical psychologist and founder of stem4 mental health charity. She wrote most of article that’s related to children’s mental health. In fact, the article is Nihara’s experience to work with her charity as the motivation to write the article, and found that the mental health services for teenager is not enough, because of the external factors like exams for university or job that make them feel useless if they failure most of time, until become anxious. It is an opinion based article that describing in a subjective way. Nihara’s position is mental health services for young people becoming heavier than any of generation because they struggle for most of expectation from family, school and society. The article reported a data from NSPCC that 200% increase students feel stress is related to exams and competition in 2015. She thinks the education of prevention for mental health issue is totally not enough, and that’s why the quality of mental health service becomes a challenge. However, I think Nihara’s position is mostly base on her experience and accurate data, but I do not totally agree Nihara’s opinion about roots of mental health issue, I think violence of language and comparison from family and school is the main reason to promote mental health issue increase.


Overall, I think the attitude of government to mental health is not enough that can reflect on funding support and treatment of immigration centers. On the other hand, the people who need mental health services is increasing. So if government is still lack of awareness to improve the mental health services, that’s going to affect the society badly, include suicide rate and criminal increase. Also, education is another way to prevent the pressure of mental health services increase.


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