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The brainstorming session was very good as it provided and generating a lot of different ideas from different perspectives. It was interesting to see what other people were able to come up with as well as being very insightful on how they saw the subject matter. As a group, we were very open minded and productive in speaking and generating different ideas.

In writing the statements, I found that I knew what I wanted to based on my research but wording to suit a who, what, when, where and why it was really hard. These were some factors that I did not consider. This is the statement that I came up with:

In our modern society, the topic of prison rape is often used as a joke and not taken seriously.  This combined with the lack of services in turn makes it very hard for victims to come out for help as they are often ridiculed and turned away from.

In coming up with what interested us, I found it difficult at first as I did not know what certain terms meant such as data visualisation, generative systems and service design. However once we established what they meant, finding places around our problem to design a proposal became easier.

Time was another factor that took a toll on idea generation. Often we would have a snowball effect in coming up with ideas. Things would often start slow for each person but eventually get more and more insightful as time went by. This meant that by the time good ideas were rolling out, we would have to move onto the next person. I was very appreciative that I was in a group of four and not five.




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